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Legendary Pokémon

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<!--Don't add the remaining Gen VI and VII Pokémon as those that have not appeared in movies as they are too recent. Give it another generation or two. Generation III-V legendaries are also not notable since there are still a few that haven't had a movie, rather than just one.
Also, do not add Poison being the only type without a legendary Pokémon, there is also no Bug type legendary Pokémon, since Genesect is now a mythical Pokémon.-->
* Though {{p|Unown}} is not considered to be a Legendary Pokémon, in ''[[M03|Spell of the Unown: Entei]]'', it is shown in [[Molly Hale]]'s book about Legendary Pokémon,. itsIts power (in large numbers, at least) appears to match that of Legendary Pokémon, and within the canon of the movie it is specifically referred to as a Legendary Pokémon.
* {{p|Heatran}} is the only Legendary Pokémon that can be either gender.
* According to interviews with [[Junichi Masuda]] in 2009, Legendary Pokémon are the most difficult to design names for because Game Freak strives to make sure that the names of Legendary Pokémon are universal across the different translations, so extra work must be put into their names to make sure that they work universally in all languages and don't conflict with anything else. This is consistent with the relatively small number of Legendary Pokémon that have had their names changed significantly outside of Japan (currently 16: the [[Legendary birds]], the [[lake guardians]], the [[Forces of Nature]], {{p|Silvally}}, the [[guardian deities]], and in [[Pokémon in Greater China|Chinese]] only, the [[Mew duo]]).