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Pokémon Ranger (game)

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After completing the main game and viewing the credits roll, the player has the opportunity to capture {{p|Kyogre}} and {{p|Groudon}}. Afterward, there is a final mission where the [[Go-Rock Squad]] has returned and has angered {{p|Rayquaza}}. If the player is able to overcome the challenge of capturing Rayquaza, then the player has completed the plot of the game.
After completion of the Main storyline, several new Pokémon can be obtained along with a handful of new features. These new features include the ability to take friend Pokémon to other areas (as you can in the rest of the series) and the new record feature on your styler. The recordsRecords feature can be found in the menu between the Release and Map options. Both these are bestowed upon the player the first time they load their cleared save file. TheQuite fulla list[[Fdex|few ofnew Pokémon]] also become available post game is much too expansive to fit under this subheading and can be found here instead. Howeverm arguablyArguably the most important are Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza, whose quests are discovered and completed in that order. A description of those quests can be found here.