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Available Pokémon
Currently, the many species of Pokémon available in ''Pokémon GO'' consist of those introduced in [[Generation]]s {{gen|I}} to {{gen|IV}}, with a selection of Pokémon from [[Generation V]], along with {{p|Meltan}} and {{p|Melmetal}}. From the first four generations, the following and their alternate forms are currently unobtainable:
* {{p|Kecleon}}
* {{p|Rotom}}
| Sep 26, 2019 || {{MSP|439|Mime Jr.}} || {{p|Mime Jr.}} became available to hatch from 5km Eggs in Europe.
| Oct 17, 2019 || {{MSP|491|Darkrai}}{{MSP|562|Yamask}}{{MSP|563|Cofagrigus}} || {{p|Darkrai}} will becomebecame available in raids until November 1, while Yamask willbecame appearavailable in the wild.
| Nov 2, 2019 || {{MSP|486|Regigigas}}|| {{p|Regigigas}} will become available through a paid, limited-time Special Research event, before being added to EX Raid Battles later in the month.