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Ghost of Maiden's Peak

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The '''Ghost of Maiden's Peak''' is a [[character of the day]] and a spirit that haunts [[Maiden's Peak]]. She appeared in ''[[EP020|The Ghost of Maiden's Peak]]''.
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} heard the legend about how, over 2,000 years ago, the young woman's lover was sent off to war, leaving her desperate for his return. Though the days faded to years, the maiden refused to give up hope and eventually had her body bonded to the peak upon which she stood. Nowadays, the young woman's soul is said to still yearn for her lost love. At some point, a {{p|Gastly}} decided to keep her story alive and posed as her so it could commit mischief. The only notable difference between the two is that Gastly is all white, while the real Maiden has light skin, purple hair, a pale blue dress with a red ribbon, and a red flower in her hair.
According to the legend, she is notorious for stealing the hearts of young men, putting them in a trance-like state and stealing them away from this world. This seemed to be demonstrated on {{an|Brock}} and [[James]], but Ash, {{an|Misty}}, {{AP|Pikachu}}, [[Jessie]], and {{MTR}} eventually realized it was Gastly's doing.