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Professor Kukui

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In the manga
Professor Kukui debuted in ''[[PASM02|The Delivery of Rotom and the Girl]]''. He was first seen at his laboratory, where he tested the moves of his {{TP|Moon|Rowlet}} and {{p|Popplio}}. The attacks caused Kukui to be sent flying through the roof and land in front of his house.
There, Kukui encountered {{adv|Sun}} and {{adv|Moon}}, the latter of which was tasked with delivering a {{pTP|Moon|Rotom}} to Kukui. Kukui explained that he needed Rotom, which aren’t found in Alola, because they are capable of combining with Sun’s [[Pokédex]]. When Rotom attempted to go inside the Pokédex, it ran away because the Pokédex was dirty and smelled bad due to Sun constantly mishandling it. Angered by this, Kukui forced Sun to retrieve Rotom while he cleaned the Pokédex. Later that night, Sun returned to Kukui's house with Rotom.
The next day, a sleep-deprived Kukui angrily asked Sun why he wasn’t informed about Sun’s encounter with {{p|Tapu Koko}} the previous day. To Sun’s annoyance, Kukui also revealed that he decided to enter Sun in a tournament being held at an [[Iki Town]] festival later that day.
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