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Updated GO's Premier Ball Section.
All three types of balls have also been available in limited-time Box deals.
Premier Balls are also available in Pokémon GO exclusively for catching [[Raid Battle|Raid Bosses]] and [[Shadow Pokémon (GO)|Shadow Pokémon]] ; RaidThese BossesPokémon can only be caught with Premier Balls, and if the player runs out, the Raid Boss or Shadow Pokémon will flee. The number of Premier Balls are awarded to the player after a Raid Battle or Team GO Rocket Grunt battle is based on how well they battled. Unused Premier Balls are not retained and do not roll over to future Raid Battles or Team GO Rocket Grunt Battles. Like in the main series, Premier Balls are just as effective as regular Poké Balls.
Master Balls are also coded into Pokémon GO, but they have not yet been made available.