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In [[Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire]], it's possible for two players at a time to share the Pokédex to some extent by connecting the [[Game Link Cable]] and then pressing Start at the Pokédex screen. This brings up a confirmation screen to finish this procedure. Once this is done, if either player has a captured Pokémon that the other player does not have, the name, image, and imagedescription of that Pokémon become visible to the latter player. However, the image of shared Pokémon is darkened and other information (category, height, weight, and description) is still not shown, indicating that the Pokémon was not captured yet. The {{pkmn|category}} of that Pokémon is shown only if the Pokémon was seen by normal means. This procedure does not affect the number of captured and seen Pokémon of either player. A Pokémon that was just seen (that is, not captured) in normal play or that is visible in the Pokédex just because of Pokédex sharing can't be shared with other players. This procedure works normally between games from different languages.
====Capturing and seeing Pokémon====