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[[File:Reshiram Zekrom Blue Flare Bolt Strike artwork.png|thumb|250px|Zekrom and Reshiram using Bolt Strike and Blue Flare, their signature moves]]
A '''signature move''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|専用技|せんようわざ}}''' ''exclusive move'') is a [[move]] that can normally only be learned by a single {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, or its [[evolution]]ary relatives usually in the same evolutionary linefamily, as well as usually byor {{ppkmn2|SmeargleLegendary}} using {{m|Sketch}}. Most signature moves are learned by leveling up, but some can be learned through other means when no Pokémon can learn the move through the aforementioned process. Additionally, some of these signature moves can be passed down via {{pkmn|breeding}} to other Pokémon or are known by certain [[event Pokémon]]group.
Most signature moves are learned by [[level]]ing up. Despite being signature moves of a particular species, other Pokémon can still sometimes learn the move through other means. Some signature moves can also be inherited via {{pkmn|breeding}} or are known by certain {{pkmn2|gift}} or [[event Pokémon]]. Additionally, {{p|Smeargle}} can learn most signature moves via its own signature move, {{m|Sketch}}.
==List of Pokémon and their signature moves==