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Samson Oak

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In the anime
Samson debuted in ''[[SM001|Alola to New Adventure!]]''. He is the principal of the [[Pokémon School]] and enjoys making puns using the names of Pokémon (while usually doing a visual impression too). His cousin {{an|Professor Oak}} had assigned {{Ash}} and {{Delia}} to deliver an {{pkmn|Egg}} to him, which they did. While Delia returned home, Ash chose to stay behind after becoming a student at the school.
In ''[[SM008|Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!]]'', Samson assigned the students to look after one of two Eggs, one of them being the Egg that Delia and Ash had brought with them. They chose the white colored Egg and he looked after the other Egg, which hatched into a {{p|Vulpix}} in ''[[SM014|Getting to Know You!]]''.
In ''[[SM013|Racing to a Big Event!]]'', Samson entered the [[Pokémon Pancake Race]] with {{p|Komala}} and won.