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Guardian deities (anime)

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In the anime
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In [[SM140]], Tapu Koko and its fellow deities assisted the [[Island Kahuna]]s in dealing with a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Guzzlord}} that was causing trouble during the closing ceremony of the [[Manalo Conference]]. They did so by restraining it whilst the Kahunas used their Z-Moves to send it back through its Ultra Wormhole.
In [[SM142]], Tapu Koko was seen watching the battle{{wp|exhibition game|exhibition match}} between Ash and Professor Kukui. In [[SM143]], Tapu Koko stopped Professor Kukui from sending out his last Pokémon by slapping away the {{i|Poké Ball}} in his hand, indicating that it wanted to battle Ash as Kukui's final Pokémon. Kukui accepted this offer. The battle commenced in [[SM144]], where Tapu Koko faced [[Ash's Naganadel]] and won, before going up against Pikachu. Along with its fellow deities, Tapu Koko restored Z-Power to Ash and Kukui's Z-Rings. It then gave Kukui a [[Tapunium Z]], allowing it to perform {{m|Guardian of Alola}}, while Ash and Pikachu countered with {{m|10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt}}. Pikachu's Z-Move managed to overpower Tapu Koko's Z-Move, leading to Tapu Koko fainting and making Ash the winner of the exhibition match. Afterwards, Tapu Koko was restored by Tapu Lele's scales and thanked by Kukui for battling well.
====Personality and characteristics====
====Moves used====
<!--In SM019, Sophocles states that Tapu Koko used Electric Surge to create the Electric Terrain in SM002. Hence why it doesn't count as a move in that episode.-->
{{anmov/h|electric|fairy|Tapu {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 45}}|0=Koko Dazzling Gleam|1=Koko Natures Madness|2=Koko Discharge|3=terrains|4=Koko Steel Wing}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 45}}|0=Dazzling Gleam|1=Nature's Madness|2=Discharge|3=Electric Terrain|4=Steel Wing}}}}
{{anmov|fairy|Dazzling Gleam|SM002|The Guardian's Challenge!|rec=yes}}
{{anmov|fairy|Nature's Madness|SM019|A Guardian Rematch!|rec=yes}}
{{anmov|electric|Discharge|SM019|A Guardian Rematch!|rec=yes}}
{{anmov|electric|Electric Terrain|SM052|Revealing the Stuff of Legend!}}
{{anmov|steel|Steel Wing|SM144||rec=yes}}
====Z-Moves used====
{| style="margin:auto; text-align:center; background: #{{electric color}}; border: 3px solid #{{fairy color dark}}; {{roundy}}"
! {{color|FFF|Picture}}
! {{color2|FFF|Z-Move}}
! {{color|FFF|First Used in}}
! {{color|FFF|Base Move}}
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| rowspan="2" | [[File:Tapu Koko Guardian of Alola 1.png|150px]]<br>[[File:Tapu Koko Guardian of Alola 2.png|150px]]
| {{m|Guardian of Alola}}
| [[SM144]]
| {{m|Nature's Madness}}
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| colspan="3" style="text-align:left" |'''Description:''' Tapu Koko strikes a series of synchronized poses with its Trainer to build Z-Power. It then becomes surrounded in an orb of yellow energy, summoning a giant yellow headless humanoid entity from the ground and closes its shell to merge on top of the entity as its head. The entity then punches the opponent with one of its fists.
===In the TCG===
{{cardlist/entry|cardname=[[Tapu Koko (Ash vs Team Rocket Deck 7)|Tapu Koko]]|type=Lightning|jpset=Ash vs Team Rocket Deck Kit|jpnum=007/026}}
==Tapu Lele==
{{anmov|psychic|Psybeam|SM107|Run, Heroes, Run!}}
==Tapu Bulu==
{{anmov|Grass|Solar Beam|SM075|Some Kind of Laziness!}}
==Tapu Fini==
<!--{{anmov|water|Hydro Pump|SM140|}}-->
==Shiny Tapu Koko==
{{anmov|electric|Discharge|SM100|Battling the Beast Within!}}
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* [[Guardian deities]]
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