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{{p|Tapu Koko}} debuted in ''[[SM001|Alola to New Adventure!]]'', where it dropped a couple of [[Sitrus Berry|Sitrus Berries]] on a wild {{an|Bewear}}, which ended up chasing after {{Ash}} and his {{AP|Pikachu}}. Ash saw it later in the episode, but he wasn't sure what it was, until he described it to {{an|Professor Kukui}} and {{ashfr|his classmates}}, and they told him what the Pokémon he saw was. Near the end of the episode, Ash heard some cries, which led to him meeting Tapu Koko in person. It gave Ash a [[Z-Ring]], equipped with an [[Electrium Z]].
In the [[SM002|following episode]], Tapu Koko came across Ash and his classmates as they were enjoying lunch, and it stole [[Ash's hat]]. It flew off to a nearby forest, where it waited for Ash to battle it. After a couple of attacks, Tapu Koko came up to Ash and activated his Electrium- Z, leading Ash to command his Pikachu to use his first [[Z-Move]], {{m|Gigavolt Havoc}} on Tapu Koko. Despite the attack creating a big explosion, Tapu Koko protected itself with its armor and did not receive any damage. After that, Tapu Koko flew off, ending its battle with Ash.
In ''[[SM009|To Top a Totem!]]'', [[Hala]] informed Ash about Tapu Koko. Later in the episode, it watched Ash's battle against a {{p|Yungoos}}, a {{p|Gumshoos}}, and a {{pkmn2|Totem}} Gumshoos in [[Verdant Cavern]].
In the [[SM010|following episode]], Tapu Koko stole the [[Fightinium Z]] that Hala was about to give Ash for defeating him in the [[island challenge]], and replaced it with an Electrium- Z, much to Ash and Hala's surprise.
In ''[[SM019|A Guardian Rematch!]]'', Tapu Koko had a rematch against Pikachu and was able to withstand Gigavolt Havoc. The match ended with no clear winner after Pikachu fell off a cliff, which Tapu Koko helped to save Ash and Pikachu from.