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Jessie's Wobbuffet

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In the games
A Wobbuffet based on Jessie's Wobbuffet was distributed for {{g|X and Y}} from June 21 to 22, 2014 via local wireless in Italy as part of the [[Pokémon Day (Italy)|Pokémon Day]] event. For details, see [[List of local event Pokémon distributions in Generation VI#Jessie's Wobbuffet|here]].
===In the [[core series]]===
{{G6event/entrybottom|xy|local wireless|all|{{wp|Mirabilandia (Italy)|Mirabilandia}}, {{wp|Ravenna}}, {{wp|Emilia-Romagna}}, Italy|June 21 to 22, 2014}}
===In the side series===
====[[Pokémon Zany Cards]]====
[[File:Pokémon Zany Cards Special Seven Wobbuffet.png|thumb|150px|Wobbuffet in [[Pokémon Zany Cards]]]]
Wobbuffet appears in [[Pokémon Zany Cards]], as a card in Special Seven mode. If the player is being attacked by a Meowth or Gengar card and Wobbuffet is of the matching suit, Wobbuffet can be played to reverse the game order and send the extra cards back to the attacking player.
==In the manga==