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Steel (type)

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* In [[Generation II]], the Steel type saw one type change in a Pokémon family ({{p|Magnemite}} and {{p|Magneton}}), but no change in moves. The opposite is true for the {{t|Dark}} type, which saw one type change in a move ({{m|Bite}}), but no change in a Pokémon.
* Before Generation VI, Steel was the only type that had a non-neutral type match-up with all the seventeen existing types, considering both the offense and defense of both types. In Generation VI, it was changed so that Steel no longer resisted Dark- or {{type|Ghost}} moves.
* The Steel type has the most positive type matchups out of any type.
* Each of the three {{pkmn2|starter}} types have a different effectiveness when attacking a pure Steel-type Pokémon (Grass does ½× damage, Water does 1× damage, and Fire does 2× damage).
* More Pokémon gain the Steel type upon evolving than any other type, with a total of nine.