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Charizard (Pokémon)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
One of {{adv|Blue}}'s main Pokémon, Charizard, debuted as a Charmander. With his increased capacity for battle both with augmented strength and his flight ability, he proved to be a valuable asset for Blue, both during the [[Silph Co.]] battles and in the [[Pokémon League]], where {{adv|Red}}'s [[Saur|Venusaur]] narrowly defeated him. He had evolved from Charmeleon sometime before ''[[PS027|Kalling Kadabra]]''. In the {{chap|X & Y}}, he has obtained a [[Charizardite Y]], with it he can [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] into Mega Charizard Y.
A Charizard was fantasied along with the other fully evolved Kanto Startersstarters in ''[[PS150|Chinchou in Charge]]'', where the [[Pokémon Association]] Chairman of Kanto and Johto explainsexplained to {{adv|Bill}} and [[Janine]] the special privilege of entering the finals unconditionally after collecting the badges[[Badge]]s.
{{adv|X}}'s Charmeleon, Salamè, evolved into a Charizard during a battle against [[Xerosic]]'s Pokémon in ''[[PAXY34|Charizard Transforms]]''. He has a Charizardite X hidden in the flame on the tip of his tail, and with it, he can Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X.
A [[Poké Ride]] Charizard appeared in a fantasy in [[PASM17]].