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Machamp (Pokémon)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
Machamp first appeared in ''[[PS016|Tauros the Tyrant]]'', where a {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}} used it in an attempt to catch {{adv|Green}}.
{{adv|Blue}} has a {{TP|Blue|Machamp}} that debuted as a Machoke in ''[[PS018|A Tale of Ninetales]]''. He was accidentally [[trade]]d with {{adv|Red}}, along with Blue's other Pokémon, when Red and Blue's {{i|Poké Ball}}s got mixed up. Under Red's ownership, Machoke evolved into Machamp before being returned to Blue.
AnotherA Machamp appeared in ''[[PS067|Can You Diglett?]]'' as a silhouette when [[Agatha]] and [[Lorelei]] explained to Red about how Pokémon and people can't coexist with each other.
In ''[[PS074|Make Way for Magikarp]]'', [[Bruno]] used a Machamp that, unlike all other Machoke who evolve from trade in this manga, had kept on its power-absorbing belt to be used later. With this power, it defeated Red's [[Poli]] before it was defeated by [[Vee]] as a {{p|Jolteon}}. It briefly returned in the {{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} to participate in a [[Pokéathlon]] match against {{adv|Gold}}.