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In the Pokémon Trading Card Game series
===In the Pokémon Trading Card Game series===
In {{ga|Pokémon Trading Card Game}} and [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]], there is no Pokédex. However, a similar feature is the {{DL|PC|card album}} in the [[PC]], which lists cards in order and the quantity of cards owned by the player, not counting repeated cards. In both games, the cards are usually organized by their [[index number]] hidden in the internal data, which separates the Pokémon cards by {{TCG|type}} and then orders them by their [[National Pokédex]] number. The National Pokédex number is printed on all Pokémon cards. TheAdditionally, the {{OBP|Pokédex|Base Set 87}} card is available in both games. Theand the {{OBP|Imakuni?|CoroCoro promo}} card (also found in both games) states that [[Tomoaki Imakuni|Imakuni?]] is a creature not listed in the Pokédex.
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