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In the anime
In [[SM139]], Hau attended the award ceremony for the Manalo Conference victor, only for it to be interrupted when a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Manalo Stadium Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} arrived at the stadium through an [[Ultra Wormhole]]. In [[SM140|the following episode]], Hau helped evacuate innocent civilians to safety, only for another, {{Shiny}} {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Shiny Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} to emerge from another wormhole at the shopping area. By combining their Z-Moves, Hau, Gladion, Kiawe, {{an|Lana}}, {{an|Lillie}}, {{an|Sophocles}}, and {{an|Mallow}} managed to successfully knock the Shiny Guzzlord back into [[Ultra Space]].
InFrom [[SM141]], [[SM142]], andto [[SM143]], Hau watched the [[Full Battle]] between Ash and {{an|Professor Kukui}}. He will reappear in [[SM144]].
In [[SM140]], Decidueye was used to battle a {{Shiny}} {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Shiny Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} to prevent it from the destroying the Manalo Stadium. With a combination of Z-Moves, Decidueye, among others, managed to send the Shiny Guzzlord back into its [[Ultra Wormhole]]. Decidueye was later seen watching Ash and {{an|Professor Kukui}}'s exhibition match alongside its {{pkmn|Trainer}}.
Decidueye reappeared inFrom [[SM141]] andto [[SM143]], watchingDecidueye watched the [[Full Battle]] between Ash and {{an|Professor Kukui}} alongside Hau.
Decidueye's known moves are {{m|Razor Leaf}}, {{m|Leaf Blade}}, {{m|Spirit Shackle}}, and {{m|Sky Attack}}.<br>