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** Ash doesn't have a [[Gym Leader]] as a {{ashfr|traveling companion}}.
** Ash keeps his [[Pokédex]] outside of his pocket.
<!-- ** Ash doesn't catch the regional {{t2t|Normal}}/{{t|Flying}}-type bird Pokémon or a {{type|Water}}-type Pokémon. -->
** Not all of Ash's friends appear in every episode despite being a main character.
** All of Ash's friends own a walking Pokémon.
** Where Ash has returned to [[Kanto]] in the middle of a regional {{pkmn|journey}}.
** To feature in-person appearances by {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Jigglypuff}} since the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, and {{an|Brock}} since the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}.
** To have an [[SM064|an episode]] [[Banned episodes|banned]] in the English dub since the {{series2|original}}.
** To contain more episodes than the previous series.
** In which a {{TP|Lana|starter Pokémon|Primarina}} owned by one of {{an|Lana|Ash's friends}} fully evolves before any of the starter Pokémon owned by Ash from the same [[region]].