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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
In ''[[SM025|A Team-on-Team Tussle!]]'', the trio, upon learning about [[Z-Move]]s, began their search for a [[Z-Crystal]]. They discovered a [[Darkinium Z]] in a nest of {{alo|Rattata}} and {{p|Raticate}}, led by a {{pkmn2|Totem}} Raticate, and attempted to retrieve it. However, they were intercepted by members of [[Team Skull]], also after the same Z-Crystal. Ultimately, after a clash with the other team, and with the Totem Pokémon, the trio obtained the Z-Crystal for themselves.
In ''[[SM028|Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!]]'', it was revealed that Jessie has a star-crush on [[Oluolu]], a famous [[Baseball|Pokémon Base]] player from [[Melemele Island]]. In the episode, she, along with her teammates, played Pokémon Base against Ash and {{ashcl}} in an effort to get Oluolu's autograph, but lost. In appreciation for a good game, Oluolu offered Jessie his autograph anyway; however, Bewear charged through and carried Team Rocket off before she could accept it.
In ''[[SM038|Mimikyu Unmasked!]]'', Jessie sent Mimikyu out to battle Ash during another attempt to steal Pikachu, but Team Rocket was quickly blasted off. This separated Mimikyu and its Trainer from James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet, while also ripping Mimikyu's rag in the process. Wearing a malasada bag, Mimikyu and its Trainer went shopping to find a replacement for its rag, but the Disguise Pokémon became irritated by Jessie's different outfits and stormed out of the store. Jessie convinced Mimikyu to hand over its rag to her for a repair. When she later opened another bag of malasadas, a trio of {{p|Murkrow}} stole them, but also accidentally took Mimikyu's rag. Jessie, however, was able to retrieve it. When a larger flock of Murkrow returned for an attack, Mimikyu slid into its repaired rag and protected its Trainer from the flock. Later, Team Rocket returned to Ash for a rematch. Nevertheless, Mimikyu still ignored her commands to attack {{AP|Lycanroc}} and attacked Pikachu instead, leaving Team Rocket open to Lycanroc's {{m|Continental Crush}}, sending them flying until Bewear arrived to take them to its den.