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In ''[[SM018|A Seasoned Search!]]'', the trio completed their secret base in Bewear's den.
In ''[[SM025|A Team-on-Team Tussle!]]'', the trio, upon learning about [[Z-Move]]s, began their search for a [[Z-RingCrystal]]. They discovered a [[Darkinium Z]] in a nest of {{alo|Rattata}} and {{p|Raticate}}, led by a {{pkmn2|Totem}} Raticate, and attempted to retrieve it. However, they were intercepted by members of [[Team Skull]], also after the same Z-Crystal. Ultimately, after a clash with the other team, and with the Totem Pokémon, the trio obtained the Z-Crystal for themselves.
In ''[[SM028|Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!]]'', James, along with his teammates, played [[Pokémon Base]] against Ash and {{ashcl}} in an effort to get [[Oluolu]]'s autograph for Jessie, but lost.
In ''[[SM042|Alola, Kanto!]]'', Team Rocket was revealed to have flown to Kanto as per orders from the headquarters. At the airport, the trio noticed Misty and Brock meet up with Ash and his classmates, and after eavesdropping on the group's conversation, decided to steal Pokémon off of [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] to present them to Giovanni. However, their attempt to steal the group's Pokémon was thwarted, and they were carried back to Alola by Bewear in ''[[SM043|When Regions Collide!]]''.
In ''[[SM058|Fighting Back the Tears!]]'', James fought with Mareanie's former crush, a {{p|Toxapex}}, for her affections. Later, James talked about leaving Mareanie with Toxapex. She eavesdropped on this and subsequently ran away, later finding sanctuary with Ash at [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}}'s house. The next morning, James saw Mareanie being attacked by another Tentacruel, and saved her again. Despite their reunion, he still insisted on {{pkmn2|released|releasing}} Mareanie, leaving her in tears. However, James was then challenged to a fight by Toxapex to make Mareanie happy, which ended in a tie. Following the fight, Mareanie decided to stay with James, which he accepted.
In ''[[SM129|Battle Royal 151]]'', James entered the [[Manalo Conference]] alongside Jessie. Disguised as (Japanese: '''デコジロウ''' ''Dekojirō''), James was among the 151 Trainers taking part in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round. Using Mareanie, James was one of the 16 Trainers still standing at the end of the round. The match-ups for the next round revealed that he would be battling Jessie.
In ''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'', James used Mareanie against Jessie and Wobbuffet, but resigned himself to defeat and took a halfhearted approach to the match. When Mareanie became locked in a stalemate with Wobbuffet, James advised her to throw the match by pretending to be defeated. However, her resolve to continue battling inspired James to take the fight more seriously, and his newfound determination to win allowed Mareanie to defeat Wobbuffet with a relentless {{m|Spike Cannon}} barrage. James subsequently advanced to the second round, where he loseswas set to [[Gladion]]face in ''[[SM132{{an|Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!]]''Gladion}}.
In ''[[SM132|Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!]]'', Jessie gave James the trio's [[Z-Power Ring]] to be used in his battle against Gladion, telling him not to lose. Remembering his motivation to reach the Masked Royal in the Manalo Conference's {{wp|exhibition game|exhibition match}}, James and Mareanie resolved to give it their best in the battle. In the match, Mareanie was getting badly beaten up by [[Gladion's Lycanroc]], so James decided to perform {{m|Black Hole Eclipse}}. However, Gladion countered it with {{m|Continental Crush}}, before dealing the finishing blow on Mareanie. Despite fearing a scolding from Jessie due to his loss, she instead comforted him, and the trio returned to selling donuts.
====Pokémon League====
James has competed in the following [[Pokémon League Conference]]s:
* [[Manalo Conference]] - Top 8 (Asas "Dekojirō" in ''[[SM132|Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!]]'')
====Pokémon competitions====