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In ''[[SM127|Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!]]'', Lillie invited her classmates to her house for some Z-Move training and subsequently introduced them to Magearna. Later, she and the others watched as Professor Kukui officially unveiled the [[Manalo Stadium]] to the people of Alola. After seeing how the others were excited to compete in the {{al|Pokémon League|Alola League}}, Lillie continued her training and successfully managed to execute Subzero Slammer with Snowy.
In ''[[SM129|Battle Royal 151]]'', Lillie was among the 151 Trainers taking part in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the [[Manalo Conference]]. Using Snowy, Lillie was among the 16 Trainers still standing at the end of the round. The match-ups for the next round revealed that she would be battling Gladion. In ''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'', Lillie and Gladion mutually promised not to hold back against each other, despite Lillie's acknowledgement that she couldn't match up to her brother's skill. Lillie used Snowy against his {{TP|Gladion|Umbreon}}, making good use of Snowy's {{a|Snow Cloak}} [[Ability]] and performing Subzero Slammer. Despite this, Umbreon defeated Snowy, thus eliminating Lillie from the competition.
In [[SM139]], Lillie attended the award ceremony for Ash's victory in the Manalo Conference, only for it to be interrupted when a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Manalo Stadium Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} arrived at the stadium through a wormhole. In [[SM140]], Lillie helped evacuate innocent civilians to safety. When a second, {{Shiny}} {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Shiny Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} appeared in the shopping area, Lillie, Sophocles, Lana, and Mallow helped Kiawe, Gladion, and [[Hau]] battle it. By combining their Z-Moves into one giant attack, Lillie and the others managed to successfully knock the Shiny Guzzlord back into Ultra Space.
===Pokémon League===
Lillie has competed in the following [[Pokémon League Conference]]s:
* [[Manalo Conference]] - Top 16 (''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'')
===Pokémon competitions===