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Professor Kukui's Incineroar

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===Personality and characteristics===
[[File:Kukui Incineroar Gentle.png|thumb|250px|Incineroar's gentle side]]
Incineroar is a tough Pokémon, managing to withstand several attacks at once, and even being able to defeat several Pokémon with a single move. It is charismatic as well, easily winning over a crowd with its powerful and elegant moves. Incineroar's strength was shown once again in ''[[SM090|Securing the Future!]]'', where it was able to defeat [[Gozu]]'s {{me|Aggron}}, a Pokémon that had just defeated three other Pokémon with a single move. Because of its experience in [[Battle Royal]]s, Incineroar is extremely aware in battle and difficult to catch off guard, able to keep an eye on three opponents at once. This experience gave it an advantage in [[SM141]], where it was able to keep up with {{AP|Torracat}}'s {{m|Flame Charge}} after rasing its speed to its limits.
Despite its tough personality, Incineroar has a gentler side. This was demonstrated in ''[[SM092|Turning the Other Mask!]]'', when it allowed two children to hang onto its arms. In that same episode, it also felt bad for making a child cry and falling on top of {{an|Faba}}. Like the Masked Royal, Incineroar is a figher and an entertainer, and is often seen posing with its Trainer while he adresses the crowd. Incineroar treats weaker oppenents like Torracat with respect, but puts eveything it has into each bout.
===Moves used===