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Generation V: image left
====Generation V====
[[File:Key Pokédex m Sprite.png|left|thumb|Male Unova Pokédex sprite when obtaining it]]
[[File:Key Pokédex f Sprite.png|thumb|Female Unova Pokédex sprite when obtaining it]]
The [[Generation V]] Pokédex is similar to the Pokédex from {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}. It is displayed as a list on the right side of the lower screen with the selected Pokémon's sprite occupying the left side. Most of its functions are also similar to [[Generation IV]]'s. Instead of showing the time of day that a Pokémon can be caught, as in Generation IV, the Pokédex shows the seasons in which it can be found. Areas in which the Pokémon can be found flash red, and touching an area will show the methods by which it can be caught (walking in [[tall grass]], {{m|surf}}ing, or [[fishing]]). The height and weight comparison feature has been removed, but a section showing form differences and a search feature are added by [[Cedric Juniper]] when the player visits [[Mistralton City]]. The form difference section will now show [[Shiny Pokémon]] as well as form differences. The last sprite selected will become the one displayed in the main entry. The ability to collect foreign Pokédex entries now only applies to the first 493 Pokémon, but the player can now also collect Korean Pokédex entries. The cry page has been added again as well.