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Sandstorm is a Rock attack, not Ground.
(Sandstorm is a Rock attack, not Ground.)
{{itemlist|Protein|On a rock, northwest of Camper Drew (hidden)|Ru=yes|Sa=yes}}
{{itemlist|Rare Candy|On a rock, northeast of Ruin Maniac Dusty and Picnicker Becky (hidden)|Ru=yes|Sa=yes}}
{{itemlist|TM GroundRock|Southernmost point, south of the Desert Ruins|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|display={{TM|37|Sandstorm}}}}
Afterwards, your father awards you the {{badge|Balance}}, which boosts your Pokémon's {{stat|Defense}} by 10% and enables the use of {{m|Surf}} in the field. He also hands you {{TM|42|Facade}} as a gift. Norman then remembers that [[Wally]]'s parents stopped by a short time ago, looking for you. Visit them in their home next to the Gym, and Wally's father gives you {{HM|03|Surf}} as thanks for helping the young Trainer. In battle, {{m|Surf}} is a strong {{type|Water}} attack; in the field, it allows you to cross bodies of water.
==Mauville City==
When you return to {{ci|Mauville}}, you find [[Wattson]] standing near the Pokémon Center. He asks for a favor, and explains that the city has an underground sector known as [[New Mauville]]. There's a generator inside that hasn't been functioning properly, and he needs you to go and turn it off before the situation gets out of control. He gives you the [[Basement Key]] and directs you to the facility's entrance on {{rt|110|Hoenn}}. {{m|Surf}} eastward under the north end of [[Seaside Cycling Road]] to reach the facility.
==Route 110==
[[File:New Mauville entrance RS.png|thumb|left|New Mauville, Entrance]]
[[File:New Mauville RSE.png|thumb|New Mauville, B1F]]
===New Mauville===
[[New Mauville]] was intended to be an underground city extending dozens of floors below the surface. However, the project died in development when it was discovered to be a habitat for wild Pokémon.
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! Available Pokémon
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! Items
{{itemlist|Escape Rope|Near the center of the floor, on a blue switch|Ru=yes|Sa=yes}}
{{itemlist|Paralyze Heal|Northwest part of the floor, on a green switch|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|display=[[Paralyze Heal|Parlyz Heal]]}}
{{itemlist|Full Heal|North-central room, on a green switch|Ru=yes|Sa=yes}}
{{itemlist|Thunder Stone|East of the generator in the northeast room|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|display=[[Thunder Stone|Thunderstone]]}}
{{itemlist|Ultra Ball|East-southeast room, north of the entrance|Ru=yes|Sa=yes}}
{{catch/div|building|Fake Items}}
* Near the center of the floor, on a green switch
* Northwest part of the floor, on a blue switch
* North-central room, on a blue switch|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|display={{p|Voltorb}} ×3|sprite=100MS}}
Use the Basement Key to unlock the door, and step inside to reach the southeast room.
The lower floor uses a series of colored buttons as a security measure; when stepped on, all similarly-colored doors open while all others close. Step on the blue button in the entrance room and go west. Press the green button in the next room and continue on. Pass by the third button and head north to reach an [[Escape Rope]]; collect the item and press the blue button beneath it. Go northwest to find a room with two items, a [[Paralyze Heal|Parlyz Heal]] to the left and a {{p|Voltorb}} to the right. Follow the hallway eastward to the north-central room and another pair of items, a Voltorb to the left and a [[Full Heal]] to the right; collect the item and step on the green button beneath it. The generator is located in the northeast room; press the red button to shut it down and collect the [[Thunder Stone|Thunderstone]] before leaving the area.
With your task complete, return to [[Wattson]] outside the Pokémon Center. Inform him that everything is all right in New Mauville, and the grateful Gym Leader rewards you with {{TM|24|Thunderbolt}}.
==Route 118==