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Pinsir (Pokémon)

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Pinsir can use its pincers to crush, toss, bludgeon, or tear opponents, lift things twice its weight, and shatter logs. Captured prey is kept in place by the piercing thorns and sheer strength of Pinsir's horns and will not be released until they are torn in half. In addition to hunting prey, [[EP119|the anime]] has shown that it enjoys tree sap. Pinsir lives deep in the {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Forest Pokémon|temperate forests and jungles}}, where it burrows underground or hides in the treetops on nights cold enough to render it immobile. In [[Alola]], it has a rivalry with {{p|Vikavolt}} and gets along with {{p|Heracross}}.
As Mega Pinsir, it gains a large pair of clear, yellow wings with an area of orange {{wp|Insect wing#Venation|venation}} near the base. Additionally, a set of brown wing coverings appear. Slicing through each wing cover is a pair of orange blades. Its arms become longer and it has a T-shaped spike on each forearm. The pincers on its head are now longer with larger spikes, and its eyes are now yellow. When it Mega Evolves, Pinsir is left in a constant state of excitement. Mega Pinsir can travel up to approximately 30 mph (50 km/h) and uses its two large horns to pierce its enemies before shredding them. Mega Pinsir's horns can lift opponents up to 10 times heavier than itself and still fly around easily.
==In the anime==