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While this is true, it was a screenshot mistake that doesn't actually occur in Bank, and is noted on Magnezone's page
* Pokémon Bank's services are maintained by [[Brigette]], who was previously the host of [[Pokémon Box Ruby and Sapphire]].
* [[:Category:Pokémon that evolve by friendship|Pokémon that]] evolve via [[friendship]] will be restricted from evolving in any [[Generation VI]] game that is not the original game [[List of glitches in Generation VI#Friendship Evolution glitch|due to a glitch]].
* In the 4.9.13 Pokémon Direct, there is a female {{p|Magnezone}} listed within Pokémon Bank. However, this is impossible in the games due to Magnezone being a genderless Pokémon.
==See also==
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