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Our[[Nurse heroesJoy]] begingreets the{{Ash}} nextand adventure{{ashfr}} at athe [[Pokémon Center]] in [[Fuchsia City]], whileimmediately insidenoticing {{an|May}}’s {{pkmn|Egg}}. {{an|Brock}} feedsstops feeding his newly obtained {{TP|Brock|Bonsly}}. [[Nurse Joy]] walks by and gives a friendly greeting as Brock jumps to her sidetry and startleswoo her with hisJoy usual romanceover. After only a few secondsHowever, Bonsly smashes intoattacks Brock knocking him backwards and crashing intoto the ground. Bonsly cries as {{TP|May|Munchlax}} beginsslurps todown devourits thebottled lastformula offor itself. Brock picks Bonsly's foodup asto comfort it beginsand tolessens cryits uncontrollablypain. Nurse Joy advises Brock picksthat Bonslythere upis andplenty startsof tofood comfortin itthe cafeteria, so Brock carries Bonsly over to feed and lessensMax itsescorts painMunchlax as well. {{Ash}} suggestsdecides ato continue training for his [[PokémonBattle battlePike]] to {{AP|Pikachu}}match, and heads outside as {{TP|May|Squirtle}} thenalso follows andhim outside. {{an|May}} is alarmed and heads after itSquirtle.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} isspies performingon theirthe usual[[twerps]] spyingfrom techniquestheir andtreetop plottinglocation, with the usual objectiveplotting to capture {{AP|Pikachu}}. [[James]] spots the stray Squirtle chasingrunning off into the distance as May dragstrails behind. SquirtleAt finally[[Jessie]]’s stopssuggestion, runningthe astrio itsplits comesup uponto anbetter abandonedtheir area.chances Mayof continuesstealing hera search forPokémon. Squirtle shoutingfinally outstops running as she thenit comes upon an abandoned building.train She walks insidestation, and noticesMay afollows strangeit picture perched atop a pedestalinside. TheMay picturesteps revealsout twoon young people and a {{wp|fir}} tree into the background.platform Aswhere she reachesfinds theSquirtle other side ofin the room,arms May yells out for Squirtle and receives a cry back from Squirtle. May begins to run towards Squirtle asof an elderly woman, [[Edna]], is holding Squirtle and found it as it strayed away.
A soft rain begins to fall as aEdna youngexplains girlthat runsshe downis waiting for someone to arrive on the platformnext andsteam comestrain toservice. meetMay is perplexed as the station is clearly abandoned, though Edna andis Maydetermined to wait. Edna’s explanation is cut short as quickher introductionsgranddaughter are{{OBP|Katrina|AG157}} exchangedrushes byin, thefrantically twolooking for her. Edna speaksbecomes asombre quickas wordKatrina andtells thenher it is time to go. Edna grabs anher umbrella fromand proceeds to leave the girlplatform, anddisappointed headsthat downshe once again missed the platformtrain service. The rain reminds her of the day that he went missing, and she wishes it had snowed that day. May notices a picture lying on the bench where Edna is sitting, which resembles Edna in her younger days. Seeing the photograph, Katrina details Edna’s tragic past to May while {{MTR}} spies on them. Edna used to own and operate a [[Pokémon breeding]] Center where she cared for and nurtured [[Pokémon Egg]]s alongside her husband {{OBP|Jonathan|AG157}}. Jonathan left the Fuchsia for the city to study medicine, though Edna refused to leave her hometown. Having read Jonathan’s goodbye letter, Edna ran to the station to stop her husband leaving and inform him that she was having their baby. Though she narrowly missed the train service that day and lost her locket after bumping into a stranger on the platform. A year later, Edna received news that Jonathan had passed away in an accident, leaving her heartbroken. Katrina explains that her grandmother refused to believe the letter and has attended the train station everyday awaiting Jonathan's return.
In another location, Ash begins his training as the ever devious [[Jessie]] is just feet away spying on his actions. Ash beginscontinues the usualhis {{m|Volt Tackle}} training with Pikachu as an electrical force begins to rotate around Pikachu's body as it blasts through a mountainousboulder. body causing the structure to explode and sendsThe rubble headinghurls towards Jessie's location and collides into her. Pikachu lands as the force dissipates and Ash commends Pikachu for his agile movements. In another locationMeanwhile, James is spyingspies on Brock and [[Max]] inside the Pokémon Center as they devour the food inside.
TheNighttime young girlfalls and May's sit{{pkmn|Egg}} onbegins to glow a ledgefaint aswhite. theyNurse lookJoy atkindly theoffers pictureto andtake {{OBP|Katrina|AG157}}Egg from her and explains that this pictureit is ofabout Ednato inhatch hersoon. youngerMax days.notices Katrinathat thenSquirtle goeshas disappeared again, so May immediately rushes to explainthe howabandoned Ednatrain usedstation to ownfind andit. operateInstead she finds Meowth sitting on a [[Pokémonplatform breeding]]bench. CenterMeowth whereexplains theythat caredhe foris andtaking nurturedsome [[Pokémontime Egg]] Meanwhile,think {{MTR}}about spiesEdna’s ontragic story. May andis theunimpressed girlto aslearn shethat thenMeowth continueswas theeavesdropping, storybut abouthe Ednatells her to get off his back. ASuddenly traina whistlefamiliar issound heardalerts May to Squirtle as Ednait dashesstands towardson the stationtracks whilepointing theto trainsomething disappears- into theEdna's distancelost withlocket. herAs husbandMay aboardopens the train.locket she notices a picture of Edna's crasheshusband. intoA amysterious manlight begins to emit from the trinket as sheit strugglesthen toenvelops runthe forMay, herSquirtle husband.and HerMeowth, amulettransporting aroundthem herback neckin thentime breaksto awaywhen fromEdna's herhusband neckis andabout fliesto towardmake thehis grounddeparture.
NighttimeA fallstrain uponroars ourdown heroesthe astrack, May'sforcing {{pkmn|Egg}}the beginstrio to glowdash afor faintthe orangetrain asplatform. NurseA Joystation takesattendant scolds them for playing on the Eggtracks, so the trio flee from herthe andstation to avoid further trouble. With the now bustling town in front of them, they quickly come to explainsrealize that itthey've isbeen abouttransported back in time to hatchthe soon.exact Maxmoment noticeswhen thatEdna's Squirtlehusband hasbegins disappearedhis asdeparture. MayAs runsthey hystericallybegin forto try to explain the abandonedsituation cityto each other, Edna's husband walks passed and comesenters the station. May sprints into action, hoping to findchange MeowthEdna’s sittingfuture atopfor athe benchbetter. WhileHowever, Maythe interrogatessame Meowth,attendant Squirtlefrom criesbefore outstops them walking onto the platform and pointsremoves towardsthem for the groundstation. MayAs jumpsEdna towardreads the groundletter left by her husband and runsheads overfor tothe findstation, Edna'sMay lostand Meowth hop inside a hot air balloon and ascend into the amuletair. AsThe shelast openscalls for the amulettrain sheare noticesheard aas pictureSquirtle ofbegins Edna'sto husbandaims its {{m|Ice Beam}} at the sky. AAs mysterioushoped, a faint lightsnow begins to emitfall, fromcausing the amulettrain asto itdelay thenits envelopsdeparture. Edna successfully reaches the threestation and theythis aretime thenmanages transportedto backfind inJonathan timeto duringinform thehim timethat whenshe is pregnant. Edna's and her husband iswalk aboutoutside to makenotice histhe departuresolitary fir tree covered in snow and glistening with color, created by {{p|Volbeat}} and {{p|Illumise}} in a courtship dance. The town has dubbed this phenomenon as the "Lights of Joy".
AThe trainmysterious roarslight downemits from the trackamulet once more as May and Meowth dashare forthen thereturned trainto platformtheir own time. AsThe Maytrio andare Meowthagain walkforced outsideto offlee the station,tracks theyto noticesafety theas samea treetrain fromapproaches. beforeAs inthey thewalk firstoutside, pictureFuchsia thatCity theyis Theyflourishing thenwith comecitizens toas realizeAsh, thatMax, they'veand beenBrock transportedrush backover into timeher tolocation theand exactalert momenther whenthat Edna'sher husbandEgg beginsis hisabout to departurehatch. AsThey they beginrush to trythe toPokémon explainCenter thewhere situationthey toare eachgreeted other,by Pokémon pediatricians Edna's husbandand walksher besidehusband theJonathan, twowho andare insidehelping the stationEgg hatch. AMay trainis personnelstartled noticesby Maythe andarray Meowthof andchanges thenresulting removesfrom themher fromtrip to the station.past, Asas neither Edna, readsnow thewith letterher leftlocket byaround her husbandneck, andor headsKatrina forrecognize theher. station,As Maythe andEgg Meowthgrows hopever insideso abrightly, balloonthe andlight ascendbegins intoto thedissipate Thereveal lastan calls{{TP|May|Eevee}}. forJonathan theremarks trainthat areEevee heardis ashealthy Squirtlebefore beginshanding it to launchMay. itsOutside {{m|Icethe Beam}}Center, towardsJessie theand sky.James Afterconfront aMeowth fewas seconds,they aprepare faintto snowcapture beginsPikachu. toMeowth, fallhaving astraveled theback trainin istime thento halted.rewrite Edna's successfullytragic reachespast theand stationwatched butEevee comeshatch, todeclares actuallythat findhe herhas husbandno interest at the stationmoment thisand timepromptly walks off. EdnaHis andteammates herare husbandleft walkbaffled. outsideAs tonight noticebefalls, the solitaryfir tree coveredglistens inwith snowthe and"Lights glisteningof withJoy". color,With createdher bynewly {{p|Volbeat}}forged friendship between Eevee and {{p|Illumise}}herself, inand aseeing courtshipEdna dance.happy Thewith townJonathan, hasMay dubbedlooks thisforward phenomenon asto the "Lightsadventures ofand Joy"battles that await her.
The mysterious light emits from the amulet once more as May and Meowth are then transported back to present time. As she walks outside, the city is now flourishing with citizens as Ash, Max, and Brock rush over to her location. They then rush towards the Pokémon Center as May notices that Edna now has her husband as her companion and has not parted. As the Egg grows ever so brightly, the light begins to dissipate to reveal an {{TP|May|Eevee}}. Meowth peers inside as he then hands May her new Eevee. As Jessie and James are preparing to capture Pikachu, Meowth begins to walk off into the distance with Jessie and James shortly following. As night time befalls our heroes, the tree glistens with the "Lights of Joy". With May's newly forged friendship between Eevee and herself, adventure and battle awaits our heroes just over the horizon.
==Major events==