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Generation VII

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Advances in gameplay
** [[Status condition#Confusion|Confusion]] only has a 33% chance of making the Pokémon hurting itself instead of 50%.
* [[Move]]s can no longer be used [[field move|outside of battle]].
* {{cat|Pokémon whose base stats changed in Generation VII|Twenty-six Pokémon}} from earlier generations receive an increase in one or more of their base stats. They are {{p|Arbok}}, {{p|Dugtrio}}, Mega {{p|Alakazam}}, {{p|Farfetch'd}}, {{p|Dodrio}}, {{p|Electrode}}, {{p|Exeggutor}}, {{p|Noctowl}}, {{p|Ariados}}, {{p|Qwilfish}}, {{p|Magcargo}}, {{p|Corsola}}, {{p|Mantine}}, {{p|Swellow}}, {{p|Pelipper}}, {{p|Masquerain}}, {{p|Delcatty}}, {{p|Volbeat}}, {{p|Illumise}}, {{p|Lunatone}}, {{p|Solrock}}, {{p|Chimecho}}, {{p|Woobat}}, {{p|Crustle}}, {{p|Beartic}}, and {{p|Cryogonal}}.
===Further additions in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon===
===Further additions in Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!===
* Two new Mythical Pokémon are introduced: [[Meltan]] and [[Melmetal]], bringing the total to 809.
* The introduction of {{OBP|Partner Pokémon|game}} forms for the [[WalkingStarter Pokémon|starter]] make{{p|Pikachu}} aand return{{p|Eevee}}, workingboth asare replacementsstronger forthan Ridetheir Pokémonregular counterparts, can't evolve and can be customized with clothes and accessories.
** [[SecretPartner Techniques]]Eevee arehas implementeda asnew replacementsgender fordifference, [[HM]]swith the female having a heart pattern on her tail.
* The addition of 13 new moves: Partner Pikachu's {{m|Zippy Zap}}, {{m|Splishy Splash}}, {{m|Floaty Fall}}, and {{m|Pika Papow}}; Partner Eevee's {{m|Bouncy Bubble}}, {{m|Buzzy Buzz}}, {{m|Sizzly Slide}}, {{m|Glitzy Glow}}, {{m|Baddy Bad}}, {{m|Sappy Seed}}, {{m|Freezy Frost}}, {{m|Sparkly Swirl}}, {{m|Veevee Volley}}; and Melmetal's {{m|Double Iron Bash}}.
* The removal of wild battles, which are replaced by catching Pokémon similar to [[Pokémon GO]].
* [[Wild Pokémon]] now appear in the overworld.
** By catching multiple Pokémon of the same species and a row, the game will start a [[Catch Combo]], which gives more items and experience, as well as having a higher chance of finding rarer Pokémon and [[Shiny Pokémon|shinies]].
* The implementation of motion controls. The {{DL|Nintendo Switch|Joy-Con|Joy-Con}} is used to throw [[Poké Ball]]s. In handheld mode, wild Pokémon are caught by aiming the Poké Ball with motion controls.
* The introduction of two-player simultaneous multiplayer.
* The return of [[Walking Pokémon]], working as replacements for Ride Pokémon.
* [[Secret Techniques]] are implemented as replacements for [[HM]]s.
* Nicknames can be changed at any time.
* The implementation of the Pokémon Box, a replacement for the [[Pokémon Storage System]] that is accessible from the player's bag.
* The implementation of motion controls. The {{DL|Nintendo Switch|Joy-Con|Joy-Con}} is used to catch wild Pokémon in a way similar to the method used in [[Pokémon GO]].