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Hitmonlee (Pokémon)

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'''Hitmonlee''' ([[List of Japanese Pokémon names|Japanese]]: '''サワムラー''' ''Sawamular'') is a {{type|Fighting}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} introduced in [[Generation I]].
It [[Evolution|evolves]] from {{p|Tyrogue}} starting at [[level]] 20 when Tyrogue's {{stat|Attack}} is higher than its {{stat|Defense}}. It is one of {{p|Tyrogue}}'s [[Hitmons|final forms]], the others being {{p|Hitmonchan}} and {{p|Hitmontop}}. In the [[Kanto]] games it evolves into {{p|Hitmonchan}} at level 20.
* Hitmonlee and {{p|HitmontopHitmonchan}} are the only Pokémon not previously related through an evolution family that later gained a shared {{p|Tyrogue|pre-evolution}}.
* According to [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver: Prima's Official Strategy Guide]], Hitmonlee is the only Pokémon recommended for the [[Pokéathlon|Hurdle Dash]] that is not a {{type|Flying}}.