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Ash reaches for {{AP|Bayleef}}'s [[Poké Ball]], but he quickly remembers that he only has Pikachu with him. As Ash peers into the pitfall trap, Jessie calls for Arbok to attack. Ash sends Pikachu out to confront the Rocket trio while he helps May and Max out of the hole. Caroline and Norman make it out on their own. Norman is infuriated at the Rocket trio for stealing his daughter's first Pokémon and he sends Vigoroth into the fray. James calls on Weezing to even things out. Meanwhile, Max sneaks passed and reaches Torchic's cage, freeing it. Torchic returns to May, who tries to use its attacks at Max's suggestion. Meanwhile, Arbok wraps itself around Vigoroth, so Ash has Pikachu help it by using Quick Attack on Arbok. Then, May tries to use Torchic's "Amber" attack, but Max corrects her, saying she meant "Ember". When May commands it again, Torchic attacks Max by mistake. This time, she tells it to use Peck, but again it attacks Max. Meanwhile, Arbok Headbutts Pikachu and Vigoroth tackles them both into the balloon. Then, Pikachu finishes it off with Thunderbolt, sending Team Rocket blasting off.
Despite the theft, some good has come of the situation;: May and Torchic are already showing signs of bonding. Later, back in front of Norman's Gym, as May and Ash are about to resume their journey, Max insists that he is traveling with them. Norman notes that Max will be a good help thanks to his wide knowledge, while Caroline says it will be a lot less trouble for her. Despite May's clear irritation, Norman asks Ash, who quickly agrees to the idea. As a gift, Norman gives Ash and May a Badge case each and Max is thrilled to receive a [[PokéNav]]. With his new toy in hand, Max rushes ahead as Norman directs Ash to [[Rustboro City]] for the closest Gym.
==Major events==