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{{Ash}} runs over to a cliff and sees [[Petalburg City]] up ahead, however {{an|May}} begs for him to wait up for her to catch up. Later the pair sitsits down in a park, and Ash is quick to bring up the [[Hoenn League]]. He asks May if she is wanting to compete in the League, but she is startled and laughs off the idea. Ash wonders what the Petalburg [[Gym Leader]] is like, and May replies that she is sure "he" is a nice guy. He is immediately suspicious by May's odd familiarity with the Gym Leader, but she admits that she has heard a lot about him on the streets. Ash suggests they go to the [[Gym]] together, though May rushes off to take care of things. Ash doesn't mind, however, and tells {{AP|Pikachu}} that they are going to the Gym for his {{pkmn|battle}}.
Ash soon reaches the [[Petalburg Gym]], steps inside, and reaches the main arena. He tries introducing himself to present a challenge, but there is initially no response. Ash tries again, just as a young boy carrying books walks into the room. The boy recognizes Ash and asks him if he was in the [[Silver Conference]]. Ash confirms this and says he got all the way to victory round. The boy tries to remember Ash's name and guesses it is "Alf". After Ash corrects him, the boy goes onto criticize Ash's performance against [[Harrison's Blaziken]]. Ash becomes infuriated by the young boy's sharp comments and orders him to call out the Gym Leader. In a surprising twist, the boy claims he is the Gym Leader. Ash doubts it, but immediately asks if he could challenge him and the boy accepts. As both of them prepare battle, the boy says that they will each use three Pokémon, though Ash only has Pikachu to fight for him. At that moment, May peers through a window and returns with two other people, her parents. May asks the boy, who turns out to be her little brother [[Max]], what he is doing acting like the Gym Leader.