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|starter={{p|Turtwig}}, {{p|Chimchar}}, and {{p|Piplup}}
|villain=[[Team Galactic]]
|league=[[SinnouSinnoh League]]
|location={{si|Pokémon League}} <small>(games)</small><br>[[Lily of the Valley Island]] <small>(anime)</small>
|pokelist=[[List of Pokémon by SinnouSinnoh Pokédex number|SinnouSinnoh Pokédex]]
|season=[[S10|Diamond and Pearl]] (10)<br>[[S11|Battle Dimension]] (11)<br>[[S12|Galactic Battles]] (12)<br> [[S13|SinnouSinnoh League Victors]] (13)
|series=[[Diamond & Pearl series|Diamond & Pearl]]
|manga=''[[PS338|Stagestruck Starly]]''
The '''SinnouSinnoh''' region (Japanese: '''{{tt|シンオウ地方|シンオウちほう}}''' ''Shin'ouSinnoh-chihō'') is a [[region]] of the [[Pokémon world]]. It is located north of [[Kanto]], [[Johto]]<!--SinnouSinnoh Sound-->, and [[Hoenn]]<!--AG187-->. It is the setting of {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}. It was the fourth [[main series]] region to be introduced.
SinnouisSinnoh is composed of the large mainland, the [[Battle Zone]] on another landmass to the northeast, and several smaller islands on both sides of the [[region]]. Most of SinnouSinnoh's routes are on land, having very few water routes, in vast contrast to [[Hoenn]]. The region is divided by [[Mt. Coronet]], roughly comparable to how the continent that [[Kanto]] and [[JoutoJohto]] make up is essentially a contiguous region.
==Etymology and design concept==
In contemporary history, {{ga|Lucas}}/{{ga|Dawn}} and {{ga|Barry}} leave [[Twinleaf Town]] in an attempt to see a Pokémon, like the recently reported [[red Gyarados]], in the nearby [[Lake Verity]]. After receiving one of [[Professor Rowan]]'s Pokémon to call their own, their journey begins in earnest, and both Lucas/Dawn and Barry challenge the Sinnoh region's eight Gyms to gain the Badges necessary to challenge the {{si|Pokémon League}}. Along the way, however, Lucas/Dawn is brought into many conflicts with [[Team Galactic]], whose leader, [[Cyrus]], wishes to remake the entire universe in his image with the powers of the [[Legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}}. Defeating the team and calming {{p|Dialga}}/{{p|Palkia}} (or {{p|Giratina}} in Platinum canon), Lucas/Dawn challenges Sinnoh's Elite Four and Champion, [[Cynthia]], and becomes Champion him/herself. In {{game|Platinum}}, Cyrus accidentally opened a portal to the [[Distortion World]] above [[Mt. Coronet]] while trying to create a new world for himself. The portal atop Mt. Coronet was able to be closed, but a passageway to this strange dimension still remains on the [[Turnback Cave|depths]] of [[Sendoff Spring]].
==Cities, routes, and other locations==
[[File:SinnouSinnoh Region.png|thumb|300px|A detailed version of the in-game map of the SinnouSinnoh region from [[Generation IV]] games]]
Sinnoh has fourteen [[List of cities and towns|cities and towns]], as well as three "areas", and a {{si|Pokémon League}}. These sites act as settlements for people to live and work in a functioning society. The [[Fight Area]], the [[Survival Area]] and the [[Resort Area]] all act as towns, however, they appear to be more of a tourist destination and are not considered cities or towns. These three "areas" are located off SinnouSinnoh's mainland and on the [[Battle Zone]], which is considered a sub-region of SinnouSinnoh and is implied by some living on the island as a different region altogether, not unlike how the [[Sevii Islands]] are considered a separate region from [[Kanto]] and [[JoutoJohto]]. Thus, SinnouSinnoh has a total of eighteen settlements all over Sinnoh.
The SinnouSinnoh region has 30 different [[route]]s, which are passages permitting Trainers to travel from one location to the next with relative ease. Much like [[Hoenn]] before it, Sinnoh's routes are numbered so that they don't follow sequence directly from previously-known regions' routes. Routes in SinnouSinnoh are numbered from {{rtn|201|Sinnoh}} to {{rtn|230|Sinnoh}}. Compared to previous generations, there aren't many water routes; there are many land routes and mountains. There are also several routes with differing [[weather]]. Some of SinnouSinnoh's routes have snow covering them. Another quirk about the routes in SinnouSinnoh is that some of them do not go directly east/west or north/south, but actually turn before reaching their destination, most notably {{rt|212|SinnouSinnoh}} and {{rt|210|Sinnoh}}, which both have two limbs of equal length.
Although it has few [[water route]]s, SinnouSinnoh is known to be rich in water, and has three lakes at the northernmost ([[Lake Acuity|Acuity]]), easternmost ([[Lake Valor|Valor]]), and westernmost ([[Lake Verity|Verity]]) ends of the main continent. These are home to the [[lake guardians]]. Near Lake Valor there is a hidden fourth lake, [[Sendoff Spring]], which houses [[Turnback Cave]]. Some other significant locations that SinnouSinnoh offers include [[Mt. Coronet]], the highest mountain in the SinnouSinnoh region and part of a long mountain range that divides the region in half; the [[Eterna Forest]], a large and mysterious forest; and the [[Great Marsh]], a popular habitat for Pokémon and a [[Safari Zone]] for many Trainers.
In the anime, the SinnouSinnoh region is far enough away to require going from Kanto to SinnouSinnoh by either ship (as Ash, Pikachu, and Aipom did), or by truck (as evidenced by how Brock arrived in the region).
The SinnouSinnoh region's towns, cities and other areas have a total population of 704 in {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} and 755 in {{game|Platinum}}.
===Cities and towns===
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! style="background:#{{sinnousinnoh color}}; {{roundytl|5px}}" | Map
! style="background:#{{sinnousinnoh color}}" | City/Town
! style="background:#{{sinnousinnoh color}}" | Population
! style="background:#{{sinnousinnoh color}}; {{roundytr|5px}}" | Description
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| [[File:Twinleaf Town Pt.png|100px]]