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Everywhere I have seen it is spelled Johto so I think it should be that way here.
(Everywhere I have seen it is spelled Johto so I think it should be that way here.)
{{Samename|musical group|JoutoJohto (musical group)}}
|caption=Artwork of the JoutoJohto region from [[Generation IV]]
|introduction={{game|Gold and Silver|s}}
|professor=[[Professor Elm]]
|starter={{p|Chikorita}}, {{p|Cyndaquil}}, and {{p|Totodile}}
|villain=[[Team Rocket]]
|league=[[JoutoJohto League]]
|location=[[Indigo Plateau]] <small>(games)</small><br>{{jo|Silver Town}} <small>(anime)</small>
|pokelist=[[List of Pokémon by New Pokédex number|New Pokédex]]{{sup/2|GSC}}<br>[[List of Pokémon by JoutoJohto Pokédex number|JoutoJohto Pokédex]]{{sup/4|HGSS}}
|season=[[S03|The JoutoJohto Journeys]] (3)<br>[[S04|JoutoJohto League Champions]] (4)<br>[[S05|Master Quest]] (5)
|series={{series2|Original}}<br><small>''Episode Gold & Silver''</small>
|generation={{gen|II}}, {{gen|IV}}
|manga=''[[PS091|Murkrow Row]]''
The '''JoutoJohto''' region (Japanese: '''{{tt|ジョウト地方|ジョウトちほう}}''' ''JoutoJohto-chihō'') is a [[region]] of the [[Pokémon world]]. It is located west of [[Kanto]], and as revealed by the {{DL|Pokégear|radio}} show {{DL|Pokémon Music Channel|Sinnoh Sound}}, is located south of [[Sinnoh]]. It is the setting of {{game5|Gold|Silver|Crystal|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}. JoutoJohto and Kanto are part of a large landmass, with everything west of [[Indigo Plateau]] falling in the JoutoJohto region. It was the second [[main series]] region to be introduced.
First explored in {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}, it is home to an additional 100 {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} that were not present in [[Generation I|the previous games]]. Players begin their journey in [[New Bark Town]], where [[Professor Elm]] offers either {{p|Chikorita}}, {{p|Cyndaquil}}, or {{p|Totodile}} to beginning [[Pokémon Trainer]]s. The English-version names of most of the cities in Johto are also the names of plants or things related to plants.
Johto returns in [[Generation IV]]'s HeartGold and SoulSilver, with all areas from its [[Generation II]] iteration returning, and several new areas being accessible, such as the {{safari|JoutoJohto}}, with the new [[Route]]s {{rtn|47|JoutoJohto}} and {{rtn|48|Johto}} leading to it.
==Etymology and design concept==
{{main|Pokémon world in relation to the real world#JoutoJohto}}
[[File:Pokemon-to-real-world.png|thumb|left|150px|The map of Japan showing the JoutoJohto region as the {{wp|Kansai region}}.]]
[[Junichi Masuda]] has stated in his director's column that the kanji that inspired the name mean "castle palace" (城都) or "lattice-shaped palace" (条都)<ref>[http://www.gamefreak.co.jp/blog/dir/?p=218 Hidden Power of Masuda: No. 149 (Japanese)]</ref><ref>[http://www.gamefreak.co.jp/blog/dir_english/?m=200905 Hidden Power of Masuda: No. 149 (English)]</ref>; this meaning is connected to the city of {{wp|Nara, Nara|Nara}}, which was the basis for [[Violet City]]. Johto has a very traditional Japanese theme, which is portrayed in some of its settlements, including [[Ecruteak City]] and [[Violet City]].
Regardless of their proximity, the people of JoutoJohto and those of Kanto are set apart by many cultural differences. JoutoJohto is based on the real {{wp|Kansai region}} in Japan. This trait is most noticeable in its geography; however, the Kansai influence also defines the culture in JoutoJohto. Kansai residents are known for their attitudes against typical Japanese standards, mostly due to the historical rivalry between the region, once the major seat of political power, and the real {{wp|Kantō region}} where Tokyo, the current capital, is located. The soil of the Kansai region is rich, unlike the volcanic Kantō region, and this is perhaps referenced by the in-game Kanto region's inability to maintain a [[Berry]] crop in [[Generation III]]. People from Kansai are considered to be more relaxed. Kansai and Kantō, however different, are the two most populous areas of Honshū, the largest island in Japan, and, much like JoutoJohto and Kanto, represent a harmony of contrasting cultures living together. The cultural divide is most noticeable in the games, as the player talks to and learns about the denizens of both regions.
Certain cultural aspects of the JoutoJohto region are deep-seated in Japanese history, as well. Kyoto, which is probably the basis for Ecruteak City, is considered the cultural center of Japan. Kyoto and its many historical temples, shrines, palaces, gardens and architecture have been preserved. This connection to history is reflected in many areas of JoutoJohto. However, Goldenrod City (like Osaka) is typically modern.
In the JoutoJohto region, including all the towns, cities, and other areas, the total population in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} is 452.
===Cities and towns===