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In Pokémon GO
===In Pokémon GO===
[[File:Move menu GO.png|thumb|Move menu|230px]]
In [[Pokémon {{g|GO]]}}, moves are divided into two typeskinds: '''Fast Attacks''' (Japanese: '''ノーマルアタック''' ''normalNormal attackAttack'') and '''Charged Attacks''' (Japanese: '''スペシャルアタック''' ''specialSpecial attackAttack''), previously known as Special Attacks. The moves that a Pokémon knows can be seen onAt the Pokémon summary screen. Eachstart, individualevery Pokémon knows one of each kind of move, randomly chosen from the moves their species' possible move pool, which can learnbe viewed on the Pokémon's summary screen. A Pokémon's Fast Attack andor Charged Attack can be randomly changed to a different move, thatwithin theits Pokémonspecie's maymove havepool, using a {{DL|TM|Pokémon GO|Fast TM}} andor Charged TM}} respectively. When a Pokémon evolves, its moves are alsoagain randomly reselected.
A Pokémon can also obtainlearn a second Charged attackAttack in exchange for ausing large amount of [[{{OBP|Stardust (|GO)|Stardust]]}} and [[Candy]]. {{p|Caterpie}}, {{p|Metapod}}, {{p|Weedle}}, {{p|Kakuna}}, {{p|Magikarp}}, {{p|Ditto}}, {{p|Wynaut}}, {{p|Wobbuffet}}, {{p|Smeargle}}, {{p|Wurmple}}, {{p|Silcoon}}, {{P|Cascoon}}, {{p|Taillow}}, {{p|Feebas}}, {{p|Beldum}} and, {{p|Kricketot}} cannot learn a second Charged Attack.
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| {{Stardust}}50,000
| {{Candy}}50
| Pokémon with 3 km Buddy distance<br><small>(except Starterstarter and baby Pokémon)</small>
|- style="background:#FFF"
| {{Stardust}}75,000
| {{Candy}}75
| Pokémon with 5 km Buddy distance<br><small>(except Starterstarter and baby Pokémon)</small>
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| style="{{roundybl|5px}}" | {{Stardust}}100,000
In a {{OBP|Gym|GO}} or [[Raid Battle]], the player can command a Fast Attack at any time by simply tapping on the screen. Charged Attacks, however, can only be used when the {{OBP|energy|GO}} meter has been sufficiently filled. TheA Charged Attack's meterenergy cost can be seen next to the move's name on the Pokémon's summary screen orand at the bottom of the screen during battle;, itrepresented isby a gauge divided evenly into one to three{{tt|*|Previously up to five}} bars (depending on the move). Using a Pokémon's Charged Attack consumes one of these bars. The meter is charged by attacking with Fast Attacks or taking damage (0.5 energy per HP lost). When ready, the Charged Attack's button will illuminate, and the player can command a Charged Attack by pressing it. Likewise to how different Charged Attacks mayhave require different amounts ofvarying energy to be castcosts, different Fast Attacks may charge up energy at different rates, but these values are not visible in game.
In Gyms and Raids, all moves have a duration that determines how long it takes to cast it. Generally, a Charged Attack would have a longer duration than a Fast Attack. Duration is important to consider because an attack with a higher power may not necessarily deal more [[Damage#Pokémon GO|damage]] over time if it takes much longer to cast each individual attack. Within each attack's duration is a damage window, a period of time when damage is actually dealt. Successfully dodging an attack within the damage window mitigates damage by 75%.
In {{OBP|Trainer Battle|GO}}s, while Fast Attacks work in a similar fashion, the mechanics of Charged Attacks are changed slightly. Rather than a segmented energy bar, the Charged Attack only has one meter to fill, in the form of its button. Once full, the button will illuminate, and the player can activate the attack by repeatedlypressing tappingit the screen. The more taps the player makes, the greater theand power ofit theup Chargedduring Attack.a Ifminigame the player does not tap the screen at all, the Charged Attack will only deal 1 HP damagesequence.
Charged Attacks duringin Trainer Battles do not have a duration. Instead, the battle is paused for threefive seconds while the attacker charges its attack and the opponent decides on using a [[Protect (move)#Pokémon GO|Protect Shield]]. A Fast Attack's duration in this mode is measured in "turns", a 0.5-second interval of time. This is effectively similar to durations in Gym battles, but with all durations set to multiples of 0.5 seconds and with no separate damage windows.
The physical/special distinction from the core games does not exist in Pokémon GO. Both Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks use the attacking Pokémon's Attack and the defending Pokémon's Defense {{stat|In Pokémon GO|stats}}.