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In ''[[SM129|Battle Royal 151]]'', Guzma competed in the [[Manalo Conference]] with his {{p|Scizor}}. He was able to progress to the Top 16, although Plumeria and the other participating Team Skull Grunts were defeated. The match-ups revealed that he would be battling [[Ilima]].
In ''[[SM130|Battling Besties!]]'', Guzma went up against Ilima, using his Scizor to battle Ilima's {{p|Kangaskhan}}. Despite Ilima [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolving]] Kangaskhan, Scizor was able to defeat its opponent by positioning itself so that Kangaskhan's baby was always in the middle, endangering its well-being and causing the mother to hesitate often enough to be defeated. This allowed Guzma to advance to the second round.
In [[SM131]], it was revealed that {{an|Lana}} would be Guzma's opponent in the second round. In [[SM134]], Guzma and Lana began their battle, with Guzma using Golisopod against [[Lana's Primarina]]. With his ruthless tactics, Guzma was able to defeat Lana with relative ease and advance to the semifinals. The match-ups revealed that he would battling Ash in the semifinals. In [[SM135]], Guzma assured his Grunts that he would destroy the entire League and brushed off Plumeria's concerns about him facing Ash.
|desc={{p|Scizor}} is Guzma's second known Pokémon. It first appeared in ''[[SM129|Battle Royal 151]]'', where Guzma used it during the [[Manalo Conference]] preliminary round, defeating a {{p|Kommo-o}}. It was one of the 16 Pokémon that remained standing by the end, allowing its {{pkmn|Trainer}} to advance to the actual tournament.
In ''[[SM130|Battling Besties!]]'', Scizor was used by Guzma to battle [[Ilima]] and his {{p|Kangaskhan}}. Despite Ilima [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolving]] Kangaskhan, Scizor was able to defeat its opponent through strategy, allowing Guzma to progress to the second round.
In [[SM136]], Scizor was the first Pokémon Guzma used during his battle against Ash in the semifinals, where it went up against {{AP|Torracat}}. After using U-turn, Scizor returned to its {{i|Poké Ball}} and switched with Golisopod due to it having a double type-disadvantage against Torracat. However, Golisopod retreated from a {{m|Fire Blast}} and sent out Scizor without warning, leaving it with no time to prepare for or counter the move. As a result, Scizor took a direct hit and was knocked out.