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List of Pokémon with form differences

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Upon changing from an appliance form, it will forget the special move associated with that appliance form. Upon changing into an appliance form, it will learn the special move associated with the form. When changing form, if Rotom knows four moves but not the special move of its previous form, the player will be prompted to replace a move with the new exclusive move (Rotom cannot change to an appliance form unless it does). If Rotom's only known move is its special move and it changes to its normal form, then the Rotom will learn {{m|Thunder Shock}}. In [[Generation IV]] and {{gen|V}}, if Rotom forgets the move that is tied to its appliance form, it changes back into its normal form; in Generation VI, Rotom can remain in an appliance form even if it forgets the associated special move.
{{pkmn|[[Pokémon Egg|Hatched}}]] Rotom are always in normal form, but a cheat code in Platinum gives the player a [[Bad Egg]], which will eventually hatch into a {{Shiny}} Rotom that is in its Fan Rotom form.
In [[Generation IV]], Rotom changes back to its normal form when taken into the [[Union Room]] or [[Wi-Fi Club]], or when deposited in the {{pkmn|Day Care}}.