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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
In [[SM138]], Ash used Pikachu to finish off [[Gladion's Silvally]], who had been worn down by {{AP|Melmetal}}, in the Manalo Conference finals. He then went up against what seemed to be [[Gladion's Lycanroc]], but turned out to be {{p|Zoroark}} in {{a|Illusion|disguise}}. In the [[SM139|next episode]], the two Pokémon clashed and proved to be pretty much equal in strength. When Gladion had Zoroark use {{m|Never-Ending Nightmare}}, Ash countered by having Pikachu use Breakneck Blitz. Both Z-Moves succeeded in connecting with their targets, causing both Pokémon to be knocked out.
In [[SM142]], Pikachu was sent out to battle {{p|Empoleon}} during Ash's exhibition match against Professor Kukui. When both sides are evenly matched, Pikachu got dizzy from Empoleon's {{m|Whirlpool}}. He was recalled before he was about to get knocked out.
==Personality and characteristics==