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Team Rocket's mechas

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[[File:AG041 Inside TR Mecha.png|200px250px|thumb|The Team Rocket trio inside a typical mecha.]]
'''Team Rocket's mechas''' usually refers to mechas used by [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} in one of their wild schemes. Throughout the {{pkmn|anime}}, {{TRT}} has had many robots and machines. It is unknown how they get them, since they usually have little money, and how they are transported to the location it is to be used at. Most of the time, the robots fail to accomplish their functions and are destroyed, some even before getting a chance to be used. They first appeared in ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency!]]'' with the debut of the Meowth Balloon.
| Poaching Machine
| ''[[EP264|Mother of All Battles]]''
| (Borrowed from the [[Pokémon Poacher Brothers]].) A six-wheeled vehicle with a periscope and two fists. Can also be remotely operated. It fires tight body bags on Pokémon and humans.
|- style="background:#FFF"
| [[File:Mobile house.png|150px]]