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Rich Boy (Trainer class)

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In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga
===In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga===
[[File:Okane Daisukī.png|thumb|180px|Okane Daisukī]]
(Japanese: '''オカネダイスキー''' ''Okane Daisukī''), a character from {{OBP|Pocket Monsters DP|Kosaku Anakubo}}, is based on the Rich Boy class. He appeared in [[PMDP20]], where he was seen walking with a {{p|Nuzleaf}}, {{p|Wobbuffet}}, and some other people. His Japanese name is a pun of "I love money".
An unnamed Rich Boy appeared in [[PMDP58]] in a battle facility, where he battled [[Red's Clefairy]] using {{p|Roselia}} and {{p|Togekiss}}.