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In ''[[AG110|The Great Eight Fate!]]'', Ash chose Pikachu and {{AP|Snorunt}} as his first two Pokémon in a Double Battle in the first round of his [[Sootopolis Gym]] battle. They went up against [[Juan]]'s {{p|Sealeo}} and Seaking. Eventually, Snorunt was knocked out by Seaking's Hyper Beam, and Ash sent out Corphish. Soon after, Pikachu defeated Seaking and rode on Corphish's back as it headed towards Sealeo and defeated it, thus ending the first round of the Gym battle in Ash's favor. Both Pokémon were then recalled. In [[AG111|the next episode]], Pikachu was used as Ash's last Pokémon in the second round of the battle, going up against Juan's last and strongest Pokémon, his {{p|Milotic}}. Eventually, Milotic tried hitting Pikachu with Iron Tail in an ambush, but he dodged it, climbed onto Milotic's body, and flipped the Tender Pokémon into the water. While underwater, Pikachu used Thunder, knocking out Milotic, winning Ash the battle, and earning him the {{badge|Rain}}.
In ''[[AG118|Less is Morrison]]'', Ash used Pikachu in a 1-on-1 battle against his new rival [[Morrison]], and he faced off against [[Morrison's Beldum]]. At first, Pikachu had the upper hand as the only move Beldum knew was Take Down, which he easily dodged before retaliating with Quick Attack and Thunderbolt. Pikachu then dodged another Take Down, but this time, Beldum reversed and finallyeventually managed to hitland Pikachusome with its attackhits. After getting hit by a second Take DownSoon, Pikachu used Iron Tail to counter another oneTake Down, causing a big explosion that knocked both Pokémon out.
Pikachu was used many times by Ash in the [[Ever Grande Conference]]. In ''[[AG126|Saved by the Beldum]]'', Ashhe useddefeated Pikachu{{OBP|Gilbert|AG126}}'s for{{p|Hitmonlee}} theafter firsta roundhard-fought inbattle. theIn ''[[EverAG128|Shocks Grandeand ConferenceBonds]].'', Pikachu Heinitially went up against {{OBPho|Gilbert|AG126Katie}} and his's {{p|HitmonleeGolduck}}. HitmonleeHowever, usedKatie immediately switched to her {{mp|Rolling KickDugtrio}}, butwho Pikachuhad manageda totype avoidadvantage theover attackPikachu, and hitthe HitmonleeMole withPokémon Irondefeated Tailhim easily. HitmonleeIn then''[[AG130|Choose wentIt foror {{m|HighLose Jump Kick}}It!]]'', which Pikachu managedwent toup dodgeagainst asMorrison's well{{p|Steelix}} usingand Quickwas Attack,knocked causingout Hitmonleeas to crash and take major damagewell. AsIn Pikachu''[[AG131|At chargedthe inEnd forof one finalthe attackFray]]'', HitmonleePikachu hitdefeated him{{ho|Tyson}}'s with{{p|Metagross}} Megabefore Kick.being Whiledefeated headinghimself towards theby ground, Pikachu managed to escape Hitmonlee[[Tyson's kickMeowth]] anddespite hitall himof withhis Ironefforts. Tail,His knockingdefeat it out and causingcaused Ash to advanceend toup in the nextTop round8 of the tournamentEver Grande Conference.
In ''[[AG128|Shocks and Bonds]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his second Pokémon in his [[Full Battle]] against {{ho|Katie}} in the Victory Tournament of the Ever Grande Conference. He went up against Katie's {{p|Golduck}}, and was sent out due to the type advantage he had. However, Katie immediately switched to her {{p|Dugtrio}}, who had a type advantage of its own. Pikachu used Quick Attack, but Dugtrio used Dig to dodge the attack. Then, Dugtrio used {{m|Sand Tomb}}, creating a huge patch of quicksand. Pikachu tried to escape, but couldn't and got pulled in by the sand. Ash had Pikachu use Thunderbolt, which had no effect on Dugtrio since it was a {{type|Ground}} Pokémon. Dugtrio used Double-Edge, and Pikachu attempted to block it with Iron Tail, but when both moves collided, Pikachu was knocked out while Dugtrio emerged unharmed.
In ''[[AG130|Choose It or Lose It!]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his second Pokémon in his Full Battle against Morrison in the Ever Grande Conference. He went up against his {{p|Steelix}}. Steelix used Dragon Breath, but Pikachu dodged it and used Quick Attack. Steelix countered with Iron Tail, hitting Pikachu hard. Steelix then used Dig, hitting Pikachu from underneath the ground. Pikachu tried using Iron Tail, but Steelix quickly dodged that with another Dig. Pikachu managed to dodge Dig, and hit Steelix with Quick Attack. Then, both Pokémon used Iron Tail, but Steelix's managed to overpower Pikachu's, knocking him out.
In ''[[AG131|At the End of the Fray]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his sixth and last Pokémon in his Full Battle against {{ho|Tyson}}. He went up against Tyson's {{p|Metagross}}, who had already defeated Swellow and Grovyle, but had a crack in its armor as a result. Despite initial complications, Pikachu was able to defeat the Iron Leg Pokémon with Thunder. Afterwards, Pikachu went up against Tyson's last Pokémon, his {{TP|Tyson|Meowth}}. Pikachu's Thunderbolt and Thunder attacks soon proved to be useless, as Meowth each time defended itself with its own Thunderbolt. Ash then had Pikachu use Quick Attack, but Meowth dodged this with Double Team and followed up with Iron Tail. Pikachu countered with his own Iron Tail, causing the moves to collide. After a flurry of attacks, both Pokémon used Iron Tail, with both Pokémon taking the hit, knocking them both down. Though initially both of them got up, Pikachu fainted from exhaustion, causing Ash to end up in the Top 8 of the Ever Grande Conference.
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