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The '''Challenge Hall''' (Japanese: '''チャレンジホール''' ''Challenge Hall'') is a location found in {{ga|Pokémon Trading Card Game}} and its sequel, [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]]. Tournaments, known as theThe '''Challenge Cup''' (Japanese: '''チャレンジカップ''' ''Challenge Cup'') aretournament is regularly held in Challenge Hall, inwith whichthe winners arebeing awarded with rare {{OBP|Promotional Card|GB1|promotional cards}}. A small yellow door is present at the back of the Challenge Hall, but does not open under any circumstances. It may have been intended to lead to a storage room that remains unused in the game data. It was removed in Pokémon Card GB2.
==In Pokémon Trading Card Game==
When a player enters the Challenge Hall when the Challenge Cup is occurring, they are brought on stage and seated at a table. There, {{player}}s are challenged by three consecutive opponents, which are [[Club Member]]s chosen at random from the eight Clubs in the game. The first and second times the player participates in the Challenge Cup, the third opponent is always [[Ronald]].