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[[Lilian Meridian|Lilian]] officially begins the [[Saffron City]] [[Pokémon Contest]] by showcasing the prize [[Ribbon]] the winning {{pkmn|Coordinator}} will receive and explaining the rules. {{anLilian then introduces the [[Contest Judge|May}}judges]] watchesof viathe televisionSaffron inContest: [[Raoul Contesta]] from the contestants'[[Pokémon roomActivities Committee]], [[Mr. Sukizo]] from the [[Pokémon Fan Club]], and confirmsthe to[[Nurse {{TP|May|Squirtle}}Joy]] thatfrom theythe willlocal win[[Pokémon Center]]. She asks the Saffroncrowd Ribbonif they are ready to begin, prompting uproarious cheers. In the audience, [[HarleyJames]] interruptswonders andif apologizes[[Jessie]] formight whatactually win hethis didone, but May{{MTR}} seesreplies throughsaying histhat deviousshe talkdoesn't andstand reaffirmsa thatchance. theyDespite willhis win.friendly act backstage, Harley quicklyis dropsequally thedoubtful actof and{{an|May}}’s contemptuouslychances proclaimsof thatwinning heand willdetermined to defeat her.
LilianHarley then introducesis the [[Contestfirst Judgecontestant and calls upon his {{TP|judges]]Harley|Cacturne}}, ofwho thestarts Saffronthings Contest:off [[Raoulwith Contesta]]{{m|Cotton fromSpore}}. The spores slowly rotate in the [[Pokémonair Activitieswhile Committee]],Harley calls [[Mrfor {{m|Needle Arm}}. Sukizo]]Cacturne fromstands themotionless [[Pokémonfor Fansome Club]],time andbefore thesuddenly [[Nurseprotruding Joy]]spikes from its whole body through all of the localspores, creating an interesting display. Later, "Empress Jessibella"—[[Pokémon CenterJessie]]. Shein asksdisguise—takes to the crowdstage ifand theysends areout ready{{TP|James|Cacnea}}. toCacnea begin,and promptingJessie uproariousrun cheerstoward each other and hug each other. InThe painful embrace moves Lilian and the audiencecrowd to tears, [[James]]showcasing wondersthe ifpair’s [[Jessie]]close mightbond. actuallyJessie wintells thisCacnea one,to butuse {{MTRm|Pin Missile}} repliesand sayingthe pins wind upward and collide, exploding like fireworks. Lilian goes to congratulate Jessie but notices that sheCacnea doesnis still attached to her and she'ts standnot amoving chanceat all. Lilian taps her and she falls to the floor, paralyzed with pain. Jessie is then rushed back into the operating room again by {{TP|Nurse Joy|Chansey}}.
HarleyLilian isthen introduces the firstlast contestant, andMay, with her {{TP|May|Squirtle}} at her side. Squirtle becomes uneasy at the sight of the massive crowd, but May says that it'll get use it. She calls upon his Cacturne{{TP|May|Combusken}}, who startsemerges thingsfrom off withits {{mi|CottonPoké SporeBall}} in a series of gymnastic somersaults. TheMay sporesthen slowlyunties rotateand inthrows theher airbandanna whiletoward HarleyCombusken, callsordering fora {{m|NeedleFire ArmSpin}} follow by {{m|Sky Uppercut}}. CacturneCombusken standspropels motionlessthe forbandanna someupward timewith beforeFire suddenlySpin, protrudingleaps spikesthrough fromthe itsspiraling wholeflames, bodyand throughuses allSky Uppercut to refold the bandana. Combusken then delivers one last blow to send the retied bandanna right back onto May's head. Combusken lands in front of May and the sporestwo pose for the finish. The crowd goes wild, creatingshouting anand cheering. Squirtle looks on admiringly and everyone seems to be pleased with her performance, except for Harley, who looks disappointed with interestingher displaysuccess.
OtherThe contestantseight arePokémon shownCoordinators withmoving theiron Pokémon,to includingthe {{p|Pidgeot}},[[Contest {{p|Vileplume}},Battle]]s are then {{p|Alakazam}}announced, andwhich {{p|Tangela}}.include LilianMay, thenHarley introducesand "EmpressJessie Jessibella"—Jessiewith inthe disguise—whotop sendsposition outof {{TP|James|Cacnea}}the round. CacneaJames and JessieMax runare towardsurprised eachat otherJessie's success and hugwonder eachif othershe might actually win. The painfulcontestants' embracebattle movesmatch-ups Lilianare andrandomly theselected, crowdand toit tearsis inrevealed reactionthat toJessie howwill closeface JessibellaHarley and CacneaMay appearwill tobattle be.a Jessiemale tellsparticipant Cacneain tothe usesecond {{m|Pinround Missile}} andof the pinsContest. windAs upwardMay andis collide,filled creatingwith anexcitement, explosionHarley similarapproaches to thatmeddle ofwith fireworks.her Bothconfidence Meowthonce andagain. JamesMay arefires amazedback atquickly, Jessie'ssilencing performance.her Lilianmalicious thenrival. goesSuddenly toa congratulatecompletely Jessiebandaged butindividual noticesconfronts thatthe Cacneapair isbefore stillrevealing attachedherself toas herthe and"Empress she'sCoordinator" not moving at allJessibella. LilianHarley tapsand herJessibella andare sheset fallson todefeating theone flooranother, paralyzedand withboth pain.point Jessieto isMay, thendeclaring rushedthat backthey’ll intobeat theher operatingnext. room again by {{TP|Nurse Joy|Chansey}}.
LilianThe thenBattle introducesStage begins with Lilian introducing the lastfirst contestantmatch, May,Jessie withversus herHarley. SquirtleHarley atsends herout side.his Squirtle{{TP|Harley|Ariados}} seemswhile uneasyJessie atcalls theupon sight{{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}}. ofBoth theJames massand ofMeowth peopleare inconfused theby stands,Jessie's butchoice Mayof saysWobbuffet thatfor itthe second round. Jessie'lls getplan overis Shehave callsWobbuffet uponuse {{TP|Maym|CombuskenCounter}}, whojust twistsas Ariados fires an attack to reflect it back at double the power. Harley catches on immediately and flipsis reluctant to make the groundfirst like[[move]], knowing it would only backfire. After neither Coordinator issues an order, Lilian announces that she has no choice but to give them each a gymnastyellow aftercard, comingwhich outsubtracts ofhalf itsthe {{i|Poképoints Ball}}from both participants' scores. MayContesta thentells untiesHarley and throwsJessie herif bandannathey towardget Combuskenanother asyellow card, they will both be disqualified. Both Harley and Jessie argue back and forth and Lilian is about to disqualify both of them for not battling until Harley declares that he will make a move. Upon realizing that he doesn't need to make an offensive attack, Harley tells itAriados to use {{m|FireString SpinShot}} andon {{m|Sky Uppercut}}Wobbuffet. Combusken propelsSeizing the bandannaopportunity, upwardJessie withdirects FireWobbuffet Spinto use Counter, leapsbut Wobbuffet becomes helplessly wrapped throughby the spiralingthreads. fire,Harley explains that {{m|Mirror Coat}} and hitsCounter itwill repeatedlynot withwork Skyagainst Uppercut,[[Status tyingmove|defensive itmoves]], backa tostrategy itsthat normal{{an|Brock}} statecommends. CombuskenAriados then deliversmanipulates oneWobbuffet lastlike blowa topuppet sendwith theits retiedattached bandannastrings, rightas backpoints ontoare Maygradually deducted from Jessie's headscore. CombuskenThe landscrowd inbegins frontto oflaugh May andat the twopuppet poseshow foron thedisplay, finish.which Theis crowdended goeswhen wild,Ariados shoutingtosses and cheeringWobbuffet. SquirtleThe looksrest onof admiringlyJessie's points are deducted and everyoneHarley seemsadvances to bethe pleasednext withround. herJessie, performanceJames, exceptand forMeowth Harley,then whofall looksto disappointedthe withground, turning white herfrom successdisbelief.
TheMay eightbreezes Pokémon Coordinators moving on tothrough the [[Contestnext Battle]]srounds arewith thenSquirtle announced,defeats whicha include{{p|Crobat}} May,with Jessie,{{m|Bubble}} andfollowed JamesSquirtle andknocks Maxout area surprised{{p|Weepinbell}} atwith Jessie's success and wonder if she might actually win{{m|Tackle}}. The contestants' battle match-ups are randomly selectedSimilarly, andAriados itentangles isa revealed that Jessie will face Harley and May will battle another participant{{p|Walrein}} in thea second{{m|Spider roundWeb}}. ofWith the Contest.both May is very exuberant and excited about her performance as Harley interruptshaving herwon again.all Hetheir thenrounds, beginsthey offfind withthemselves hisin usualthe threatsfinals andof Maythe firesSaffron back quicklyContest.
ALilian strangestarts personthe wrappedfinal inmatch mummy-likeas clothMay interruptscalls theout argument.Squirtle Theand unknownHarley personbrings thenout removesAriados. theAriados clothattaches and reveals herselfitself to be the "Empressceiling Coordinator"with Jessibella.its HarleyString Shot and Jessibellaswings theninto bothfrighten mentionSquirtle thatwith they'rea going{{m|Scary toFace}}. beatSquirtle eachthen otherrecovers and thenuses May.{{m|Ice TheBeam}} Battleon StageAriados, beginsbut withit Lilianis introducingso thepowerful firstthat match,it Jessiemisses versusits Harley.mark Harleyand sendsknocks outSquirtle hisonto its back. {{TP|Harley|Ariados}} whilethen Jessieretracts callsup uponto {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}}.the Both Jamesceiling and Meowthshoots areanother String confusedShot aboutonto JessieSquirtle's choicebody, ofreeling Wobbuffetit forin theand seconddeducting round.more Jessieof May's planpoints. isHarley decides to haverack Wobbuffetup usestyle {{m|Counter}}points justby ascovering Ariadosthe fireswhole anstage attackwith toSpider reflectWeb, itimpressing backLilian at doubleand the poweraudience. HarleyAriados catchesthen onspins Squirtle around in a circle and issends reluctantit tohurtling makeonto the first moveweb, knowingentangling itits wouldback onlyin the backfireprocess. AfterAs neitherSquirtle playercontinues makesto astruggle, moveMay's afterpoints aare while,approaching Lilianzero. announcesAriados thatthen shedescends hasdown nofrom choicethe butceiling to givethe themweb eachand abegins yellowwalking card,towards whichSquirtle subtractsto halfstrike thewith points{{m|Double-Edge}}. fromMay bothtries participantsa Bubble attack, but it doesn't even slow Ariados scoresdown.
ContestaMay tellsthen Harleyrecalls andSquirtle's Jessielast ifattempt theyof getIce anotherBeam yellowwhich card,propelled theyit will both be disqualified. Both Harleybackwards, and Jessieuses argueit backto andfree forthSquirtle andfrom Lilianthe isweb. aboutThe toattack disqualifyalso bothfreezes ofAriados themand forthe not battlingweb, untilleading Harley's declarespoints thatto hedrop willby makemore athan movehalf. UponSquirtle realizingruns thatand hejumps doesn'tonto needthe frozen web to makehit anAriados attack that'swith offensiveBubble, Harleyshattering tellsthe Ariadosice toand usethrowing {{m|StringAriados Shot}} on Wobbuffetbackward. Seizing the opportunity, Jessie directsAriados Wobbuffettries to usestop Counteritself, but Wobbuffetits becomesfeet helplesslycan't wrappedget byany grip on the maneuverfrozen web. HarleySquirtle explainsslides thatdown {{m|Mirrorthe Coat}}icy andwebs Counterlike willa notsurfer workand againstTackles [[StatusAriados move|defensiveto the moves]]ground, aknocking strategyit thatout. BrockSquirtle commends.neatly Ariadoslands thenon manipulatesits Wobbuffetfeet likeon atop puppetof withAriados. itsWith attachedAriados strings,unable asto pointsbattle areand graduallyMay deductedis fromdeclared Jessie'sthe scorewinner. TheSquirtle crowdcomes beginsrunning back to laughMay atfor thea puppethug showas on{{Ash}}, displayBrock, whichand is[[Max]] endedcheer whenfrom Ariadosthe isstands. toldHarley tothinks throwthat Wobbuffet.the ItContest tumbleswas throughrigged theand airwalks andoff landsin ona Ariados's backhuff. The restcrowd ofcheers Jessie'sas pointsMay areis deductedawarded andher Harleyfirst advancesKanto to the next round. Jessie[[Ribbon]], James,making andfor Meowtha thengreat fallstart to theher ground,Kanto turning white fromContest disbeliefcampaign.
Intervals between May and Harley's rounds are shown with Squirtle knocking out a {{p|Crobat}} with {{m|Bubble}} and Ariados entangling a {{p|Walrein}} in a {{m|Spider Web}}. Squirtle knocks out a {{p|Weepinbell}} with {{m|Tackle}}. With both May and Harley having won all their rounds, they find themselves in the finals of the Saffron Contest.
Lilian starts the final match as May calls out Squirtle and Harley brings out Ariados. Ariados attaches itself to the ceiling with its String Shot and swings to use {{m|Scary Face}} close up to Squirtle. Squirtle then recovers and uses {{m|Ice Beam}} on Ariados, but it is so powerful that it misses its mark and knocks Squirtle onto its back. Ariados then retracts up to the ceiling and shoots another String Shot onto Squirtle's body, bringing it closer and deducting more of May's points. Harley decides to rack up style points by covering the whole stage with Spider Web, impressing Lilian and the audience. Ariados then spins Squirtle around in a circle and sends it hurtling onto a web, entangling its back in the process. As Squirtle continues to struggle, May's points are approaching zero. Ariados then descends down from the ceiling to the web and begins walking towards Squirtle to strike with {{m|Double-Edge}}. May tries a Bubble attack, but it doesn't even slow Ariados down.
May then recalls Squirtle's last attempt of Ice Beam which propelled it backward because of its great power. She tells Squirtle to use Ice Beam, which succeeds not only in freeing it from the web, but freezing Ariados and all of the webs in the stadium. Harley's points drop by more than half. Squirtle runs and jumps onto the frozen web to hit Ariados with Bubble, shattering the ice and throwing Ariados backward. Ariados tries to stop itself, but its feet can't get any grip on the frozen web. Squirtle slides down the icy webs like a surfer and Tackles it. Ariados crashes onto the ground, knocked out. Squirtle neatly lands on its feet on top of Ariados. Ariados is announced as unable to battle and May is declared the winner. Squirtle comes running back to May as Ash, Brock, and Max cheer from the stands. Harley thinks that the Contest was rigged and walks off in a huff. The crowd cheers as May is awarded her first Kanto Ribbon.
Outside the [[Contest Hall]], May says she wants to practice all of her moves as Ash tells of his excitement for the [[Battle Arena]]. The group then walks off in the sunset.
==Major events==