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In {{ga|Pokémon Trading Card Game}}, this is the largest machine in the east room of the [[Mason Laboratory]].
In [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]], this machine is in the northeast corner of the east room of the [[Mason Laboratory]]. It is also available anywhere by using the [[Minicom]] from the [[menu]].
In both games, press Start to check the cards in the deck. There is no visible command to do this in either game. (unlike the Auto Deck Machines, which have the "Read the instructions" command to achieve this)
==StartingStarter decks==
In {{ga|Pokémon Trading Card Game}}, the 3 starter decks are available in the Deck Save Machine at the beginning of the game. These are the same decks that are available to [[player character]] Mark at the beginning of his journey. They are able to be deleted from this machine, like any other saved deck.
* {{TCG|Charmander & Friends Deck}}
* {{TCG|Bulbasaur & Friends Deck}}
They are not exactly the same as the decks found in the first [[Auto Deck Machine]]., The decks found therewhich share the same name in English, but they have different names in Japanese.
In the European versions, there is no way for the names of these decks to keep up with language changes in the [[options]]. The names of these decks remain the same as when the game started, except the word "Deck", which changes between languages. For instance, if the player chooses to start a new game in Spanish, then the first deck is named "Mazo Charmander y Amigos". If the player later changes the language to English, this deck will be shown as "Charmander y Amigos Deck".