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[[Ash Ketchum]] heads off to a new region, [[Alola]], wearing a new set of clothes with his partner {{AP|Pikachu}}. Unlike the five previous series, however, Ash doesn't travel through the region. Instead, he becomes a student at the [[Pokémon School]] on [[Melemele Island]], where he meets his new {{ashfr|classmates}} {{an|Lana}}, {{an|Lillie}}, {{an|Mallow}}, {{an|Sophocles}}, and {{an|Kiawe}}. Ash receives a [[Z-Ring]] and takes on the [[island challenge]] to get new [[Z-Crystal]]s and qualify as a [[Z-Move]] user. The ''Sun & Moon'' series is notable for Ash's friends not being present in every episode. Also, characters are usually seen keeping their Pokémon [[Walking Pokémon|out of their Poké Balls]] in this series.
A new art style is implemented for the third series in a row, this time more drastically than the series that preceded it. With this new style, characters are drawn with a much more exaggerated, rounded, "cartoony" style. Despite the new style, ''Sun and Moon'' took a more mature approach to storytelling with the subject of death being dealt with directly, with some Pokémon being seen to die as well as showing a main character dealing with the death of a parent (as opposed to the usual instance of absent parents almost never being mentioned). The show also had a large reduction in the amount of '[[characters of the day]]', with many reappearing after their debuts (even if only a cameo capacity).
Episodes in the ''Sun & Moon'' series are numbered with {{bp|epicode|the prefix}} '''SM''' on [[Bulbapedia]]. For a complete episode listing, see the [[List of Sun & Moon series episodes|list of ''Sun & Moon'' series episodes]].