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Professor Oak (anime)

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Original series
Over the course of Ash and Gary's journeys, Professor Oak took care of the Pokémon they captured that were sent to his lab. He would often gloat about how much farther ahead his grandson was to Ash like in ''[[EP013|Mystery at the Lighthouse]]'', which often caused Ash to be extra competitive. During the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]], Oak became greatly disappointed when he discovered that Gary had lost in the third round, but decided to look on the bright side, telling {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} that it would do Gary good to learn that "every road, no matter how smooth, has its bumps along the way." He had arrived with Ash's mother with the goal of cheering Ash on in mind.
Following the Indigo Plateau Conference, Professor Oak asked Ash to pick up a [[GS Ball|mysterious Poké Ball]] from his friend, [[Professor Ivy]], who lives on [[Valencia Island]] in the [[Orange Archipelago]]. He wasn't at all surprised when Ash called him asking if he could compete in the [[Orange League]]. Though he wanted to study the GS Ball, he also wanted Ash to compete in the league so that he can get more training. During Ash's adventures in the Orange Islands, he befriended a [[Pokémon watcher]] by the name of [[Tracey Sketchit]] who was a great admirer of Professor Oak. When the group returned to Pallet Town in ''[[EP116|The Rivalry Revival]]'', Tracey asked if he could become his assistant, which Oak graciously accepted.
Not being able to discover the mystery behind the GS Ball, Professor Oak called for Ash's assistance once more and asked him to travel to the [[Johto]] region and give the Ball to his friend [[Kurt]]. He also explained that there were many new Pokémon out west which made Ash all the more eager to go and catch up with his rival, Gary. Ash completed this task in ''[[EP143|Going Apricorn!]]'', leaving the GS Ball in Kurt’s possession for further study.