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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
In ''[[SM115|The Dealer of Destruction!]]'', Pikachu battled [[Team Skull]]'s leader [[Guzma]] and his {{p|Golisopod}}. Despite the type advantage, Pikachu was quickly overwhelmed by Golisopod, as he was unable to penetrate the Hard Scale Pokémon's armor even when using his Z-Move {{m|Corkscrew Crash}}. The match ended prematurely when Golisopod returned to its Poké Ball due to its {{a|Emergency Exit}} [[Ability]].
Ash used Pikachu in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the [[Manalo Conference]] in ''[[SM129|Battle Royal 151]]'', where he was able to defeat various Trainers' Pokémon. Pikachu briefly faced Jessie's Mimikyu before the round concluded, allowing Ash to proceed to the next round. In [[SM137]], Ash used Pikachu in his Manalo Conference semifinals battle against Guzma, where he went up against Golisopod after Torracat was defeated. The two Pokémon were evenly matched, but eventually, Pikachu was left standing, allowing Ash to advance to the finals.
In [[SM138]], Ash used Pikachu to finish off [[Gladion's Silvally]], who was worn down by {{AP|Melmetal}}, in the Manalo Conference finals. He then went up against Lycanroc, who was hit by an unexpected Night Daze and blocked Electroweb with Shadow Claw. When Pikachu hit Lycanroc with Thunderbolt, it was revealed to be an illusory disguise by {{p|Zoroark}}. The battle continued in the [[SM139|next episode]], where both Pikachu and Zoroark were evenly matched. When Zoroark used {{m|Never-Ending Nightmare}}, Pikachu used Breakneck Blitz to break through. Both Pokémon collided and were knocked out.