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Generation II

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Trivia: Other Pokémon have identical sprites in Gold & Silver: Sneasel, Bayleef, Spinarak, Shuckle, Swinub, Hitmontop
** The starters remain {{cat|single-type Pokémon}} throughout their evolutions. They were also the only trio whose evolutions do not share any weaknesses with each other until [[Generation VII]].
** The total number of moves are equal to the total number of Pokémon at the time.
** EachMost Pokémon has ahave different spritesprites in the original pair of games (exceptincluding, but not limited forto, {{p|Unown}} and the Johto [[Legendary beasts|Legendary trio]]).
** Pokémon can be traded with a [[Generation I|previous generation]].
* Generation II is also the only generation that did not introduce: