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Meanwhile, Gladion tells Kiawe and Hau that he'll knock the Shiny Guzzlord down before they aim for its weak spot. [[Gladion's Lycanroc]] uses {{m|Stone Edge}} to knock Guzzlord off-balance. [[Kiawe's Turtonator]] uses {{m|Flamethrower}} and Hau's {{p|Decidueye}} fires a {{m|Razor Leaf}} directly at the second face. Though Guzzlord uses its arms to protect against their efforts. Seeing this, Hau has Decidueye use {{m|Spirit Shackle}} to hold Guzzlord in place, while Kiawe's Turtonator's tries a barrage of {{m|Focus Blast}}s, but both attacks do little and the Spirit Shackle arrows fails to hold. Gladion prepares to activate his [[Z-Ring]], though the three boys are sent backwards by Guzzlord's mighty roar. As Guzzlord steps forward to deal a blow with its claw, {{an|Mallow}}, {{an|Lana}} and {{an|Sophocles}} have their Pokémon fire {{m|Magical Leaf}}, {{m|Sparkling Aria}} and {{m|Zap Cannon}} which effectively stops the Ultra Beast in its tracks. {{an|Lillie}} rushes onto the scene, as she and her friends brace themselves to deal with this Guzzlord together once and for all.
As the first Guzzlord closes in, [[Hapu]] has {{p|Mudsdale}} use {{m|Bulldoze}} to open a hole in the ground, trapping the threat. [[Olivia]]'s {{p|Lycanroc}} pelts Guzzlord with {{m|Rock Slide}}, followed with [[Nanu]]'s {{alo|Persian}}'s {{m|Dark Pulse}}. [[Hala]] orders his {{p|Hariyama}} use {{m|Arm Thrust}}, which only pushes Guzzlord backward. Guzzlord, however, stands right up again and shouts as it readies its claw to strike the Island Kahuna and their Pokémon. The [[Guardian deities (anime){{an|Guardianguardian deities]]}} soon appear to address the crisis, using a combined attack to intercept Guzzlord's claw. The Island Kahunas ask for the Guardian deities’ assistance, admitting they plan to use their combined Z-Moves to send Guzzlord back through the Ultra Wormhole. The Guardians comply, using their combined powers to immobilize Guzzlord. The four Kahunas follow through, combining their Z-Moves with Mudsdale's {{m|Tectonic Rage}} sending Guzzlord into the Ultra Wormhole. The Kahunas are relieved as the Wormhole instantly closes over. Similarly, Gladion and the others combine their Z-Moves, with the seven-colored rainbow beam of energy blasting their Shiny Guzzlord back into [[Ultra Space]].
At the docks, Masked Royal calls out his {{p|Lucario}} to distract the remaining Shiny Guzzlord before Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} will attack. Lucario leaps ahead, striking Guzzlord with its {{m|Close Combat}} attack. Pikachu uses {{m|Electroweb}}, which only drapes over the Ultra Beast's head, before Lucario blasts it with a {{m|Dragon Pulse}}. Guzzlord is sent flying backwards and half of its begins to enter the Ultra Wormhole, however it is able to resist the force. Lucario approaches for another Close Combat, but it gets hit by Guzzlord as the Electroweb fades. Ash is coming to realize the strength of this Guzzlord as Masked Royal recalls Lucario, admitting he doesn’t have any Pokémon that can use {{type|Electric}} moves.
Worse still, the Ultra Wormhole seals shut, making the task more difficult than before. Suddenly a giant stinger pierces through the night sky, opening up yet another Wormhole. This time however it is a {{p|Naganadel}}. It hones in on Pikachu, and he happily leaps into Naganadel's grasp. Judging by Pikachu's reaction and the [[Ultra Guardians]]' tag, Ash quickly realizes that this Naganadel is in fact his {{APp|Poipole}}, which has since [[Evolution|evolved]]. Lusamine and her staff are taken aback by the surprising arrival. Ash's reunion is put on hold as Guzzlord rushes in to attack again. Naganadel replies with a Thunderbolt, which stops Guzzlord. At this, Masked Royal suggests it could use {{m|Gigavolt Havoc}}. He reveals his own [[Electrium Z]] and asks for Naganadel to lend him its power, to which it complies. Ash and Masked Royal press their Z-Rings, passing the Z-Power to have Pikachu and Naganadel for a devastating double Gigavolt Havoc. Guzzlord tries to counter with its own attack, with the resulting energy wave ripping away Masked Royal's signature mask. The combined Z-Moves manage to overcome Guzzlord's counter maneuver and blasts the Ultra Beast into the open Wormhole. Pikachu and Naganadel cheer at their efforts. Ash turns to thank Masked Royal, but is stunned to see his signature mask is missing, revealing his true identity as Professor Kukui. The Professor only realizes his secret identity has finally been revealed after Ash's reaction, much to his shock.
==Major events==