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Pokémon in Poland

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Trivia: Despite of pronunciation, its name is still written as Meowth
==Pokémon and grammar==
Because<!--The below table describes Polish inflection of the Polishword language'sPokemon', orthographyNOT and grammarEnglish, Pokémonso aredo mostlynot writtensay withoutto the acuteme (´TheICTLiker4) abovethat 'Pokemon'e'', arebreaks mostlythe referredmanual toof as male, and have a plural form (nominative: ''Pokemony'')style.-->
Because of the Polish language's orthography and grammar, Pokémon are mostly written without the acute (´) above ''e'', are mostly referred to as male, and are inflected as follows:
{| class=roundy style="background: #{{white color}}; border: 3px solid #{{locationcolor/light|volcano}}"
|- style="background:red"
! colspan=2; style="{{roundytl|5px}}" | Case
! Singular
! style="{{roundytr|5px}}" | Plural
|- style="background:white"
| Nominative || M. || Pokemon || Pokemony
|- style="background:white"
| Genitive || D. || Pokemona || Pokemonów
|- style="background:white"
| Dative || C. || Pokemonowi || Pokemonom
|- style="background:white"
| Accusative || B. || Pokemona || Pokemony
|- style="background:white"
| Instrumental || N. || Pokemonem || Pokemonami
|- style="background:white"
| {{tt|Locative|In Polish, this case is never used without a preposition}} || {{tt|Msc.|The “c” in this abbreviation is optional}} || Pokemonie || Pokemonach
|- style="background:white;"
| style="{{roundybl|5px}}" | Vocative || W. || Pokemonie! || style="{{roundybr|5px}}" | Pokemony!
* In the Polish dub, {{p|Meowth}}'s name is pronounced as “Miau”, and it's the only Pokémon whose Polish pronunciation differs the most. The only instance of English pronunciation are the first episodes of ''[[S10|Diamond and Pearl]]''.
* An official Pokémon Day was {{OBP|Pokémon Day|Poland|held in 2011}}.
* Poland shares its distributor, ConQuest Entertainment, with {{pmin|the Czech Republic}}.