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About European versions.
(About European versions.)
They are not exactly the same as the decks found in the first [[Auto Deck Machine]]. The decks found there share the same name in English, but they have different names in Japanese.
In the European versions, there is no way for the names of these decks to keep up with language changes in the [[options]]. The names of these decks remain the same as when the game started, except the word "Deck", which changes between languages. For instance, if the player chooses to start a new game in Spanish, then the first deck is named "Mazo Charmander y Amigos". If the player later changes the language to English, this deck will be shown as "Charmander y Amigos Deck".
In [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]], the Deck Save Machine does not have any saved deck at the start of the game. The {{OBP|Starter Deck|GB2}} (the deck the player started with) is available at the [[Auto Deck Machine]] instead.